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  1. how about we rename ourselves to the Britney Jeaners to acknowlege britney's most personal album
  2. If just one big celeb posts about it then the rest will follow the bandwagon, doesn't Britney have even one famous person who can stand up for her, she has never dissed anyone her entire career, now I truly understand why she doesn't like to mix with the industry people
  3. Her going live on Instagram would be so amazing, but I'm sure we would pick apart something from that too
  4. The language and tone of this post is totally different from the other recent ones, we just have to figure out if this post was Britney or the previous posts were britney
  5. This looks to be true and is very scary, we need to do everything we can to stop it from reaching this point, Britney's death which i hope is several decades later should be a time to mourn her and enjoy her legacy & music, i don't want it to become another conspiracy in her already mysterious life
  6. I found an article from The Hollywood Reporter from October 2019 , where Lou got "Business Manager Icon 2019" She blatantly took the credit from britney for her vegas residency, here is an excerpt "When she's not helping a client change the cultural landscape (like Spears' reinvention of the Las Vegas residency), sort out postmortem rights (Prince's estate) or open a creative compound (like FGL's Meet and Greet, which she describes as Cheers with lavender coffee instead of alcohol), Taylor is supporting the school she and her husband opened in Haiti and preparing for the launch of a mysterious "disrupter technology" she's developing: "I work my *** off 24/7."" https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/how-business-manager-lou-taylor-is-ferociously-breaking-glass-ceiling-1246036
  7. she seems like a person who cares alot about what people think of her, so this #FreeBritney movement and what the Britney Army thinks of her must be so frustating to her
  8. Exhale is truly an escape from the real world , I prefer the chaos here than the real world
  9. 1. Madonna - 15 2. Michael Jackson - 25 3. Mariah Carey - 9 4. Taylor Swift - 8 5. Christina Aguilera - 4 6. Miley Cyrus - 3
  10. The one saying "Britney Signing the declaration of independence (1776)" Love that he is stanning britney recently
  11. If only Britney acknowledges this, it will explode all over Jamie and Lou, then I'm sure more celebrities will come to her support, atleast if Sam acknowledges it
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