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  1. Your right she I isnt bothered. If people think that these festivals that are watched by drunk people in the audience will boost an album that has dropped out of most charts in the same week it enetered. YOur deluded.
  2. Tell me why your being shady about me for having an opinion that a lot agree with. If you weren't a bitchy beings shady on a forum I wouldn't punch your face repeatedly until my hand wasn't covered in our blood you ******* ****
  3. Come on *****. You going to drag my appearance just cos I told the truth you ******* ****? People like you make exhale a **** place because you're not open to the truth and then you act shady. As we say in Maltese fox demhekk u fox ommok bil Liba. And I'm saying to you- **** your relatives and blood line then go **** your mother with the stale *** you ******* ****
  4. I just can't. Everyone told me to calm down after the today show and VMAs doing nothing for Glory. And that it wasn't all about longevity. Well the only planned performances will have 2 audiences. THw people there and us searching. Glory has fallen fast- and art pop is outselling it in 2016 this Ian crisis point and your all ignoring it iTunes ; Album: Glory iTunes: #45 Laos #45 Oman #46 United States #50 Taiwan #53 Kazakhstan #63 Lebanon #65 Vietnam #66 Latvia #74 Armenia #75 Anguilla #76 Kyrgyzstan #79 Canada #85 Japan #88 Switzerland #96 Cambodia #104 Tajikistan #119 Nicaragua #119 Philippines #147 Thailand #154 France #170 Saudi Arabia #186 Russia #187 Moldova #197 Bahrain #199 Germany Album: ARTPOP iTunes: #13 Turkmenistan #14 Armenia #17 Costa Rica #23 Paraguay #24 Azerbaijan #27 Uzbekistan #28 Bulgaria #28 Vietnam #30 Venezuela #33 Kyrgyzstan #33 Ukraine #34 Kazakhstan #35 Honduras #38 Hong Kong #38 Malaysia #39 El Salvador #40 Greece #42 Malta #44 Latvia #44 Macau #45 Mongolia #47 Nicaragua #48 Belize #50 Argentina #51 Cyprus #55 Peru #56 Moldova #57 Lithuania #59 Singapore #64 Hungary #65 Ecuador #73 Estonia #77 Colombia #77 Slovenia #78 Philippines #78 Tajikistan #86 Thailand #87 Romania #88 Israel #89 Guatemala #100 Belarus #100 Turkey #108 Panama #109 Czech Republic #114 Barbados #115 Brazil #115 Dominican Republic #121 Taiwan #127 Chile #130 Bolivia #130 British Virgin Islands #132 Bahrain #132 Cambodia #133 Finland #135 United Arab Emirates #136 Mexico #136 Zimbabwe #139 Trinidad and Tobago #145 Lebanon #154 Bermuda #168 Brunei Darussalam #169 Sweden #185 Egypt #193 Slovakia #197 The Bahamas
  5. She met Kevin. Wasn't bothered about the tour or finishing the album promo so faked a knee injury so she could shag and smoke loves.
  6. People come at me like im mad, but im just observing fact. how many times has she said- il retire, id like for this to go away, theres no passion etc. Im just looking at her and her answers, and the passion she gives her career compared to how happy she looks on her family time, and i think she wants that sis
  7. I think she is miserable deep down, i love her so much, but i think shes hinted more than enough times to not being at peace with who she is, her team, her minders and the people she pays for keep her out there, Circus she was pushed out too soon, FF she was pushed through like a zombie! she always says maybe il retire etc, i think this is the FIRST time shes got to peace with her career and she likes it low key, look at how embarrassed she was with ellen shouting about them being celebrities, she hates celebrity! She wants to be a dance teacher, play with her boys, have more kids 3 more including a girl, and you know what, if that made her truly happy id give her up. weve had enough, yet we all cream for more more more, all her life since being a child she was pimped out, sexed up. and if you think other wise, you a foll
  8. I think Circus and FF was bad for her health, i really do, i think she needed freedom in her personal life, and they stomped her around and controlled her.
  9. no no, see this is the thing people fail; to understand. She has been pushed the **** around, rebellion was what she wanted, Her over the top behavior, applying for a job in a casino bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she wanted to be a normal young woman making mistakes without scrutiny, It was only because of who she is that it went to far. and now she is a ******* prisoner of her own creation. shes said it a million times, back in the early days- i wish i could go out and not be followed, in the zone DVD- I wish i could be someone else for a day and just be free her and felicia saying freee freee) the dateline 2005 special- i wish they would just leave me alone, they kind of take it too far...... and so on This girl just wants to be a nobody, but she has TOO many people telling her what to do - for the record; it's too controlled, theres no passion anymore...... She LOVED to party in new york and LA! - FTR- I used to be a real cool chick. I think you are wrong, your probably a post circus fan? It only got too much when people started to manipulate her, but see she went that far to show just how un ******* happy she was with this image, and this being pushed and pulled.
  10. She was happy free and being normal, and the abusers and her family took it all too far, this girl would love a normal life, to hit the club up from time to time, be soccor mom and teach dance part time, shes thirsty and stuck poor baby <3
  11. they have the appeal of ball cancer, love the stan part but what painful self obsession this deranged man has.
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