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  1. Yeah that's the one I'm talking about, the asian-looking
  2. Is the dancer in the cat suit one of Britney's female dancers? I don't remember her name but she looks like her! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv4CnK4MF-c
  3. Which package do I need to get to be as close to Britney as possible?
  4. In reality, this video is already certified since there's another upload in her VEVO channel with over 10m views. It triggers me every time I see it
  5. I like it too but my favourite is bridge is definitely in Work *****
  6. I'm from Cyprus. No way she is bringing her tour to a country with barely 1 billion residents lol... Hopefully she goes to Greece so I can fly there. I'm considering Israel too, it's close.
  7. I'm confused. I liked Britney from BOMT and ODIA. I became a proper fan during the Circus era and I still admire her as an artist and human being. Seeing her in person is included in my list of the things I want to do before I die so yeah.
  8. What?? Aren't you a fan? You should know what it means to see someone who inspires you in person.
  9. Yeah I'm talking about the World Tour. Or Piece of Me I believe the price will be approximately the same.
  10. Ok i've never been to a big concert before, what should I do to be as close to Britney as possible? I don't even care about the price, my friends do though and I fking want them to come with me! So how much do Seated, Standing/Arena tickets cost? I supposed seated tickets are cheaper than standing cause seats are further away right? PS: Will we have an option for a Meet and Greet ticket? Regarding PoM, how much does that cost and what does it include?
  11. With an exclusive Japanese bonus performance of Mood Ring.
  12. Cause Britney is a Legend. not a just a queen
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