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  1. I remember rumors that Britney had a meltdown because she didn't want to do the paint scene, so they had a body double to do it for her. It was before the music video launched, and it was clear that Britney did not do that scene. I wonder if it's true
  2. The misogyny in this thread is unbelievable. You guys complain about the treatment Britney received her entire life and at the same time are bashing a woman over nothing? I wasn't expecting **** shaming to be a thing in 2021, specially in a Britney forum
  3. She always looks stunning whenever Sam posts a picture with her. While in her instagram she is usually a hot mess, and that says a lot to me. I still don't believe she controls her instagram
  4. I know Britney herself doesn't give a **** about this. She totally left it all behind and has nothing but good things to say about Justin. She mentioned him a few times in recent years and I'm glad she's over it. It took him almost 20yrs and a lot of backlash to release this statement, but he finally did it. And it means more attention to the documentary and Britney's conservatorship. WE WON
  5. I feel like it's a really bad joke. Jordan doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to Britney's exclusive. Remember the desert performance? He pretty much started that **** back then. I might be wrong tho
  6. The fact that Britney doesn't speak is a big red flag for them. Everyone "helped" Kesha because she was very vocal about it. We, as fans, from time to time still wonder what the f is happening. So, big celebrities don't want to put themselves into dramas that they're not really sure of what is really going on. That doesn't mean they can't be supportive. Miley Cyrus supports Britney and the movement, but at the same time she refuses to talk about something she doesn't know for sure.
  7. She CAN'T speak about the conservatorship. She hasn't said anything about it since FTR in 2008. Let's not act like it's her fault. She's not avoiding anything, she's just not allowed to say what she's really feeling.
  8. I don't get it. Is "she" mocking the documentary for trying to tell her story? But the "trying to be a normal person" got me thinking
  9. The 2008 document they mentioned a couple of times is the key, guys. We need to find that document because it's the main reason why she was first put into a conservatorship. And it still is to this day why she still is under this. No wonder Jamie always wanted ALL the documents sealed, he doesn't want people analysing and looking for potential mistakes. Someone needs to leak this, because if it's as bad as the dementia claim, **** is going to hit the fan
  10. Thank God it was scrapped, not here for EDM ****. The song is basic, but I actually like her voice. It could perfectly fit Brenda Joan tho, which is not a good thing.
  11. '' The New York Times examines what the public might not know about the pop star’s court battle with her father for control of her estate.'' This part scares me, what we know for a fact is that Britney IS under a conservatorship and wants to get out of it. What we don't know? the reasons why she still is under this. I'm scared they're going to talk about mental issues and **** like that. I'm gonna be pissed if someone says she needs the conservatorship because she's not stable. And if that person is Fe... Also, i'm getting tired of this mess. EVERYONE talks about Britney BUT herself. We don't really know what's going on with her and how she is actually feeling since 2019. Her instagram seems like a parallel universe
  12. I don't think she's coming back anytime soon. Not as we expect (a full era). She might drop songs and even an album, but I don't see her working as she used to. I think she wants to have another baby SO bad, so if she sort things out with the conservatorship nothing would stop her anymore, so we need to get ready for this
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