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  1. So we’re thinking today is finally going to cover the results of the investigation ordered last year???? This could potentially be huge...On the other hand team Con will pay everyone off to stay silent or cover things up so who knows.
  2. I know. I literally agree with you lol. I’m just saying if they were questioned about the docs being sealed they’d more than likely use Britney’s privacy/safety as an excuse even though they don’t care about either.
  3. Anonymous has their DMs open on Twitter. Spam them with Free Britney messages and be sure to use the hashtag. Explain to them what’s been done to her and why she needs their help. It’s worth a shot.
  4. I believe all the proof Britney would need is within that case. If WE can tell it’s corrupt, the court knows it and they’re keeping everything under wraps for that exact reason. I’m sure they talk it up to keeping it private for Britney’s sake but we all know they lied and told the court she had DEMENTIA 12 years ago so I’m sure there’s a lot more incriminating information within her case. If they could get into it I would love that, if Britney was freed and she got justice. I don’t want anything to bring the woman any more harm than she’s already experienced.
  5. i know we’re all waiting right now but bumpney truly i wish there was more we could do. free our girl
  6. i find it interesting that her “team” wants us to believe it’s 100% Britney controlling her instagram, yet the only thing she does on the account is post pics to the feed and post an occasional story. she never likes or comments any other people’s posts, which if she just doesn’t like social media i’d understand. but she only follows 97 people, a majority being people in the biz, and you’d think she’d interact with other users. this has always been the case with her insta. she follows so many people that she looks up to, has worked with or wants to work with, family, etc. but she never seems to look at her feed!!! sorry i’m just bored and realized that after YEARS i’ve never seen B like or comment on a picture, including her own!
  7. you’re absolutely right. I’m not saying she’s mentally unstable. I agree with you in the sense that having Brit as a client = $$$. But part of me hopes she’s had one good genuine doctor at some point in time who has diagnosed her properly and tried to help her.
  8. Honestly I find it hard to believe that Britney has never been diagnosed with any mental illness. Obviously we don’t, nor should we, know anything about her diagnosis but to say she’s never been diagnosed with something is a reach. If 2007 never happened, her fame/exposure alone would lead to some kind of mental illness. We’ve SEEN how anxious she gets. I would like to believe if she’s on meds it’s for good reason. I still think the conservatorship should be dissolved and that her dad is truly ****** in the head for so many reasons. But to say Britney isn’t mentally ill is...ignorant. Especially after 2007 + being placed in this stupid mess of a conservatorship. That alone has to have screwed with her. My heart hurts.
  9. that’s our girl y’all she’s still in there
  10. What if Britney knows that the whole movement started bc of BritneysGram and that’s why we have the huge increase in insta posts...I mean, the whole podcast is about analyzing Britney’s instagram account and if B keeps posting, the gram girls keep analyzing...probably a reach because of the whole “no access to internet” theory but what if she goes along with posting so we will keep watching? Ugh I’m sorry if this is dumb but we need to keep this alive and I really don’t know what else to say. I hope Britney is safe and that good things are happening. If this is completely stupid then I apologize again
  11. i’m so proud of us. as a whole we have really come together and demanded justice for britney. we don’t know what today’s outcome will be so please if we have to, KEEP FIGHTING. this fanbase is unlike any other. nothing will be the same after today. so much love to all of you
  12. someone please PM me the video i’m trying to show a friend who wants to understand the lachapelle comments edit: i found it sorry yall let me know if you need a link!
  13. I’ve been looking for tickets to this show, if anybody has a pair of tickets they’d be willing to sell at face value I might be into it!
  14. T4TS just posted a tweet I can’t post a pic because I’m on mobile but I’m thinking maybe the video is already filmed?? They tweeted two blonde emojis one with hair down and the other with a ponytail. Britney’s hair was in a ponytail on set for whatever she was on set for....shdhdhdhdh am I reaching
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