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  1. I love the song! I just wish it was a little less chipmunkney. But I live for the attitude!
  2. with the release of ...Baby One More Time. I was (and still am) obsessed with that song and everything she did after. I think OIDIA took it even to a higher level.
  3. Blackout is the only album from start to finish that has aged well imo. Some songs on ITZ have aged VERY poorly. I feel like it's 50/50 Songs like Breathe On Me, Toxic, TOMH & Everytime have aged really well! But Boom Boom, Showdown, Outrageous, Shadow and BNG haven't aged well at all. And as much as I love MATM.. it hasn't aged that well either eeks Also obviously her first 3 albums contain a sound that isn’t popular anymore. (Although I really like that poppy sound) As for post Blackout albums I think Glory still sounds fine but that makes sense since it’s the newest. BJ’s sound was already kinda dated back in 2013. FF is catchy but that was definitely a popular sound around the early 10’s. As for Circus, I think it aged quite well also..or at least 50/50 like ITZ Nonetheless I love all 8 Britney albums wether they have aged well or not. They have an iconic status to me and give me all the nostalgic feels
  4. Ya’ll can come for Lucky but it’s a very well known Britney song for the GP. I prefer Stronger or Overprotected as a song but I do think Lucky is probably more known.
  5. Circus would’ve have crushed scream and shout & SM remix. So it feels weird it’s out already
  6. I wish the circus bonus tracks were on Spotify too!
  7. I loved this game. Even though OIDIA again is my favorite I think Blackout also deserves the no1. spot And welcome to Exhale @ the 4 Myah fans And proud of my baby Oops taking the 4th spot <3 As for my top 3: 1. Oops!... I Did It Again 2. Blackout 3. Britney
  8. One of my favorite songs of her actually. It’s really good
  9. Also I wanna take this opportunity to thank exhale for voting Bj out first. I know it should be a given. But still. Proud you guys.
  10. I voted for Blackout It was so special to me that she released such a good album during such troubled times. Blackout is a gift! Both are good albums! Blackout is my 2nd favorite album and at times my 1st favorite album so it’s only logical that I vote for Blackout. To me Blackout is a perfect album cause it feels timeless. It’s also creative while still being catchy which is exactly what I’m looking for in a Britney album. It’s also good from start to finish. The only other Britney album that’s like that (to me) is OIDA. Her vocals are also really good on this album. Lots of Britney-ism. Blackout is a pop banger that deserves to win this game. It’s NOT overrated. It’s just THAT good! As for ITZ. It’s not in my top 3 Britney albums cause I prefer catchy Britney and a lot of songs feel like fillers to me. But I do wanna end this on a positive note. I appreciate how creatively involved Britney was for this album and how passionate she was and is about it! And it gave us 4 of her greatest songs ever. Toxic, Everytime, Breathe On Me and Touch Of My Hand. And an iconic duet with Madonna. So even though it’s not my favorite album musically, it was a fantastic era and made a lot of fans happy since it’s a fan favorite for a lot and I’m happy about that! A great final! (And still happy OIDIA made it top 4!) And thanks @MrPieceOfMe for a fun game! Don’t forget to post the final result in a grand way 😉
  11. 3 is a bop! i love the tongue in cheek nature of the song and it’s catchy as ****. I live for it
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