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  1. 14 hours ago, DoSomething954 said:

    I mean I understand traveling a lot and needing to ask for clarification on where u are but my issue is she keeps doing it on stage. She doesn’t even think oh let me remember or figure out where we are before I even hit the stage. That’s whats most annoying to me. 


  2. 9 hours ago, Chris88 said:

    It's our fault she had a breakdown? Sorry, I thought it was the paparazzis, the media pressure and her shady entourage that drove her to her breakdown, not us. Thanks for this piece of information. :nydisgust:

    I don't usually go for the face but no one changes like that in a period of 2 or 3 years except when they have an accident or do "funny" stuff to their face. Britney is a natural and beautiful woman, and her injections or whatever are to me a big mistake. People thought she was emotional and no it was actually her new normal face. 

    The "Hand" thing might not be a big deal but it's a sign of extreme nervosity, it should alarm the people who can see it. And it doesn't take a master degree or a doctorate to see nervosity and anxiety signs. You just need eyes and  discernment. 

    And for the "picking apart every single thing" part of your post, sorry some people are not into average-mediocre performances, and we have a right to expect more.  :ipass:

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  3. 13 hours ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

    "You guys" is too many, bitch. Plenty of people who got the M&G's at Vegas have straight up confirmed that she has these hideous outfits made just hours before the shows, and then decides to hack at them herself with a pair of scissors. :nyheadache:

    She needs to start wearing sports bras, sweatpants and sneakers on stage. I don't give a f**k if it's not cute, it's comfortable and functional, unlike these ugly ass heels and bootleg lingerie. :lessons: 

    Fucking I wish, even though Marco Marco's outfits weren't great, atleast there was a present feel to them, everything was pretty much spot on with the idea of the show... Now everything is literally fucking lingerie and don't get me started on those ugly ass shoes with those black tired ass stockings :mcorangu:

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  4. 8 minutes ago, portrait said:

    bring back the original vibes of the songs: instead of doing a cheap and bad pole dance for slave + halfassing the break , they could make a jungle theme or a sweaty club thing with original choreo... otherwise cut it 

    most important thing: girl needs hardcore performance training. she needs a professional who confront her with the tics, bad moves, etc etc... 


    People: She can't dance for that long on stage!  It's too much dancing, it'll wear her out!!!111!11! 

    I'm just like: So what does that make of her dancers?  So what does that make Britney? :tifflmao:

  5. 16 hours ago, STJ said:

    she looks like her left arm got caught under a bus... so this better not be real :badthoughts: because if it... britney sis fire your photographer team

    LMAO I mean we seen what professional shoots do.. so i wouldn't be surprised :tifflmao:

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  6. 1 hour ago, I'mNotTheAverageLady said:

    Her early songs didn't do her justice anymore. I don't want to really see Crazy, Stronger, Boys but I think Baby, Oops and Toxic are a must.

    I'd love Do Somethin' with a great choreography, but the way it is, just nah

    I'm tired of Work Bitch already. And IUSA is boring too. And sadly, Circus also, but I wanna have it

    I think mature Britney starts with ITZ and I'd like to hear The Hook Up, The Answer, Showdown, My Prerogative, Someday :crying3:, Heaven on Earth, Perfect Lover, Everybody (!!), Kill the Lights, Mannequin, Blur, Out from Under, Liar, Man on the Moon, Private Show, Invitation

    THE HOOK UP <3 


    ITZ was such a masterpiece fuck my ass dude :selenerz:

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  7. 48 minutes ago, I Always Sing Live said:

    if anyone's interested in the whole "corporations control EVERYTHING" watch the TV show "Mr. Robot".. it's slightly exaggerated but it's realistic from the "overlap of government and corporations" aspect.. it's a good watch.. :mhm:

    also it stars Rami Malek, my precious husband so.. that's always a plus.. :badgirl:

    RAMI IS AMAZING.  I loved that show!!!  I only saw season 1 though!  I gotta catch up  :yesplease:

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  8. But people pay an upwards of 200 USD for this shitty show...  She can't even do it backstage.  More people need to yell that at her, so she feels bad for doing it in front of paying fans.  Fucking unprofessional.  She already showed her nipple to the world, next they should get a black moving curtain and just let her change on stage, it's easier because she doesn't have to walk back out~! :drown:

    fuck this makes me so angry :drown:


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  9. 2 hours ago, WeKeepOnRockin said:

    If the choreo is just a Zumba workout then she can keep it

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and to the OP:

    I'm more than positive they will keep certain songs and their choreography to those songs.  For example, Toxic, Slave and a few others. (which I will forever be fucking salty about, they had the best choreo.  Literally me when I watch that watered down pole dancing shit and her moving her arms in Toxic :disappointed: )

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