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  1. Because I lost my Super Admin status Jk I quit Jokes aside, how are you been during this pandemic?
  2. If you need me to make emotes, let me know Jordan. I got a new computer recently. I just need to figure out how to work Skype right now lol.
  3. You're a content creator?! I am noob now, because i succ Edit: Curator .. I seem to not read either
  4. She used to type normal with normal emojis. For a year now, she types like a 13 year old who figured out emojis. It's the cynic in me; I don't believe this is Britney.
  5. Oh ****, lmao. I thought it was intentionally done, like no one cared to actually try. MB! I gotcha. How ya holding up with the quarantine? I'm good! Just quarantined like the little introvert I am. Hows your life been thus far? :Hugs:
  6. Well, that's not nice. I wonder where they were at during the apocolypse.
  7. The quality of these new emotes are... We used to make them with photoshop pro back when our previous mod gang was around. Now they look like some giphy equivalent. What's up with the pixels and rough movement?
  8. My babies. God they've grown so much and I love it. BTS Fighting!
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