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  1. The one in Wikipedia in Spanish is the one you added, thankfully
  2. Sí. Lo de coger es un ejemplo perfecto de uso diferente de palabras. Y sí, el acento puede ser difícil de entender. Lo es más en persona que en televisión, así que igual, cuidado. Estuvo bien lo que escribiste, para no haber usado GT. En serio, estuvo perfecto, excepto por una pequeña parte al final, pero está muy bien hecho, en serio. Buena suerte en su viaje, y verás que las jergas las aprenderás en un toque. Así pasa. Pero igual, en serio es diferente. Hay este Youtuber que vino a Perú e hizo un video (lo que me recuerda, mientras que en México pronuncian "videos" sin acento, en España los llaman "vídeos" con acento en la i, por si acaso. O los DVD's, en España los pronuncian tal como las letras están en español, DeUveDe) sobre la jergas peruanas y cómo puedes decir varias cosas. Es divertido de ver, por si te interesa.
  3. Native Spanish speaker here. Hi. Look, it's not easy, that's for sure. I sucked at English up until I was 12 years aprox, but after I started watching PLL, hanging in Power Rangers Forums and Twitter, I learned it. I obviously can write, but if I take a grammar test, I will probably fail cause I never cared too much how to form it, it comes naturally now. I remember one day in English class level A (which was the one with the one who were better in English), out teacher ask us to put the sentence in order. 98% of the class got one way, 1 girl another, and I did another. I was the only one that got it right, I got so f**king happy... Anyway... My brother's wife knows a lot of Spanish, but her pronunciation isn't perfect. I know it never will, but damn if she's good at it. She even know a lot of Peruvian slang thanks to my brother. And they speak Spanish at home all the time. Thing is, you're going to Spain. Let me tell you something. If you hear Mexican people talk, and then go to Spain, you ain't gonna understand sh!t. I know this, because when people from Spain comes here and you listen to them talk, it's really hard to understand them most of the time. And some words are used differently there. Kinda like the USA and UK, so be careful. I recommend you watch a Spanish TV Show. Check Netflix. It will help. But Spanish it's kinda hard to learn, specially with all the ways to conjugate a verb. Good luck.
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