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  1. Yeah, it does. It's pretty noticeable when you hear all the tracks back to back without cuts. The transition between The Hits and MATM is obvious, and same with Slave to Freakshow.
  2. The Tokyo soundboard probably came from the band itself. While this one might've been from the sound controllers, hence the difference.
  3. I think everything you said is pretty much what everyone here thinks, so I wouldn't call it unpopular. But nice review.
  4. I can die happy now. You guys are the best. Wait. I forgot we are still missing the soundboard of Alien, Pretty Girls, I Love Rock N Roll, Make Me with G-Eazy, Slumber Party with Tinashe (when they went and sang live), Clumsy/Change Your Mind, the 2018 Slave mix and Something to Talk About. Only with those I'll die happy, but this is still awesome.
  5. No way its easy. I Feel Cheated. I'm legit listening to the instrumental ATM and was thinking about "uneasy". God. Well, I misheard Do Somethin'. I thought she said "can nobody you see" which doesn't make sense at all, instead of "get up of your seat"
  6. OMG, there's MORE. I legit can't wait for the Oops! Tour ones! I knew there were more pro recordings. I remember watching Satisfaction and she was wearing a ponytail on TV. I'm sure of it.
  7. This is a dream. After this I'll be happy with only GM/BTI/POM and Stronger/Crazy from before 2013-2015. I need those pre-recorded vocals. (I think Womanizer also had ones, but I'm not sure)
  8. I hope someone from Britney Online gets it from him and leaks it.
  9. I listened to it on YT with my VPN cause it isn't midnight on my country yet. Anyway. Pride was awesome, but I think I like Ape Drums more, except for the iconic new line on Pride. Here's the cover in HQ: https://is5.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Music123/v4/05/82/4a/05824ab1-7180-b6d1-20be-b81b14f21ea0/source/100000x100000-999.jpg
  10. I love how she's about her. She knows she's a good singer but that her voice has changed because of the baby voice. I hope she does more reactions.
  11. He is also my third POM crush. He's really cute and hot.
  12. And they have a son 💔💔💔. He, Chase and Michael (and maybe even Dakota, but I'm not sure since there's no reference to his sexualité at all in twitter) we're the only (as far a we know) straight male dancers in POM
  13. SAAAME. That little white dude gets me every single time. Him and Dakota the most. That's why I said two, so I could vote for them 😅😅😅😅😅
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