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  1. I’m pretty convinced the one night stand he had awhile back with a pop star he talked about on Ellen was Britney so as far as I’m concerned she’s already hit it
  2. Well I think there’s a couple things going on here, on their last episode that was about Britney in 2019 (I also encourage listening to the Free Roger episode if you haven’t) they said basically they had major tea and were creating some of type of production for it. I can’t imagine they were not approached by Britney’s team but also they don’t make money off of Britney’s Gram and covid hit and they’re comedians trying to make a living in a world where no can attend things like that right now so they’re trying to adapt to continue their careers to provide for themselves. But Tess Barker and Bab’s Gray both liked my Free Britney tweet today where I said we haven’t forgotten and thanking them, so they see what’s happening and hopefully weren’t silenced and are just waiting for the right time to spill whatever they have
  3. I’m gonna be honest, I bet she gets slammed like a screen door during a hurricane
  4. You know you’ve got it bad for Britney when your first reaction is “that little witch I swear to god”
  5. I’m a little sad it’s a virtual appearance because I was really looking forward to hearing “survivor” playing on the way in and “move b I t ch” on the way out, but I also happily accept this
  6. Yes homegirl! She is DONE with their s h i t Love to see it #FreeBritney
  7. Please for the love of Britney Spears no one connect this to Timbaland somehow
  8. I was gonna say the same ones 😂this kills me every time, the things you suffer through as a boy mom lol I also like the one where she asks them how they like their sundaes and they ignore her completely and she’s like “well they’re speechless LMFAOOOO
  9. I don’t know if this is the right place to put this and I also don’t know if I’m extremely late lmfao but it’s Instagram related but today I learned one of Britney’s bff’s Jansen follows the freebritney hashtag she also follows Britney’s gram and Tess and Bab’s personal accounts and I think that’s awesome
  10. I think it’s been decided this isn’t real
  11. I’d totally be here for that! But I’m biased because I’d still be here even if she went on IG live and called me out by name telling me to go **** myself ... so
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