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  1. I have a feeling that nobody supports the cship, even if they don't put an #freebritney tag right there.
  2. you're a flop stan then, who tf starts stanning britney for do something
  3. State Of Grace and And Then We Kiss was a single - music video must and it was dropped. I would rather for her to put out Radar as a single, release state of grace. And and then we kiss instead of do something.
  4. that's why I was so afraid for the freebritney movemet. some gays will just want Britney to work and release **** while she's in prison. her team could very well play that card.
  5. Is this thread for real? Oh lord. Well, even if she worked with him, she would flop. she's pretty much done for the GP. and also receive backlash from the gays and end her career if she did, if it isn't dead already? ok...
  6. one thing for sure is, and Bryan confirmed it, everyone will be fired
  7. regardless, it needs to end and that's the focus. at this point we can't trust nobody, as sad as it sounds...
  8. Articles like Vogue, Vox, etc. are all starting to expose the details of cship, defending Britney and starting to turn against the team behind this scheme. Finally we were able to do something here, raise our voices, in all of this for Britney to know that she is not alone and she has everyone's back. I think as a fan base we should be proud of ourselves and for what we accomplished here to stand for our queen free-will, regardless just the artist. Let's keep fighting and end this slavery.
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