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  1. Stifler's Mom

    tour Meet and Greets are now $2000

    ew people like you
  2. Stifler's Mom

    poll What is the most hated Britney song?

    soda pop is a pop masterpiece, how dare you
  3. sounds already like a hit and very familiar
  4. I understand your frustration but let it go... i'm only hoping her show flops sooner or later. I really would like for her to retire. for her, for us, for her legacy and career. and never in my life I thought about saying something like this... yikes.
  5. of course, those fans are dangerous with bombs and sh!t. this is ridiculous. I don't even know how she sleeps at night comfortable it's bazaar.
  6. president miss spears not even Madonna get's treated like this or treats her fans this way. sorry but Britney should be the one handling the situations, clearly she isn't.
  7. let's be realistic, 4 months and specially on "Britney time" it simply won't happen. this is clearly just an extended boost again, that's all that it is.
  8. true. they don't think cause they see the money coming in, that's all it is. I won't ever support her while this wild machine runs, it's over a decade now. not even merch or digital purchases. i'm literally done.
  9. thank you for making my points made clear sis.
  10. She reminds me of the Zoo. Medicated so the visitors can take pic with the beasts and keep the money maching running. is Circus becoming too ironic at this stage?
  11. Stifler's Mom


    all the mess they made with the event... as per usual. why would this leak just now? think about it. the media is already bashing and making fun of this.