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  1. I think it was around the time of the iconic Britney GMA desert "performance" in 2013 a great time to start lurking I must have decided to finally create an account later that year in December, according to my profile
  2. Yeah I can see that about him "calming down" after becoming a dad. Pretty sure one of his last "shady" moments was when he did that "you know when you love somebody but then it turns out that she's a real *****" speech before performing CMAR, I think at the iHeartRadio festival in 2013? Then he took to twitter to apologise cause a lot of people thought he was talking about Britney (he definitely was imo, but he obviously had to apologise when people called him out on it ), his son was born in 2015 and I don't think he's been shady since then so it makes sense. It's interesting cause back then he got away with ****-shaming her, and the media/general public were on his side, but if their breakup happened recently and he tried to do what he did back then, he'd quickly get called out on it, as we've seen with that recent buzzfeed article that really changed the public opinion about him. A lot of interviews he did where he was asked about their breakup were so awkward too, do you remember that one him and Christina gave to promote their joint tour where at one point Christina was explaining why she thought Britney and Justin should get back together and while she was talking, Justin just started whistling and acting like a teenage boy it was uncomfortable as hell. I didn't know about Francis Lawrence giving the idea for the mv Justin still called Britney to ask if she was cool with the mv having a lookalike which is interesting. Oh yeah I completely forgot Brandi Jackson basically confirmed it last year that Britney cheated on Justin with Wade. Apparently Wade Robson had a history of getting romantically involved with women he hoped would help his career, he also had a thing with Mayte Garcie (Prince's then ex-wife and choreographer for I'm a Slave 4 U). I remember that interview of Britney mentioning Justin was always playing videogames when they were together, always made me wonder if that was one of the reasons that led to her cheating - I mean she basically says it in "Guilty". So sad, it's clear they were good for each other, they seemed so happy in MTV's diary special they made for her his mom seemed like a second mom to Britney, it's interesting that she still follows Britney and a fanpage for Sean and Jayden on instagram to this day (funnily enough, she doesn't follow Cameron Diaz lmao). I think him having a better family life than Britney made him have the ability to have healthier relationships, clearly Britney was fragile and couldn't stand being alone so she cheated on him with Wade - if she had a better support system from her family like Justin did with his, things might've turned out better.
  3. Yup I agree, he definitely didn’t think of using her when they first got together but I’m sure that radio interview he did where he “confessed” that they in fact had ***, that Barbara Walters interview, THE CRY ME A RIVER MUSIC VIDEO after their breakup were all attempts to increase his fame at the start of his solo career, which worked, I mean Justin was no fool. He was a real a jerk after their breakup but to be fair, if Britney did cheat on him (I guess it’s something we’ll never know for sure) I can understand why he acted like that... I don’t agree with it but I get it I’m happy they seemed to have moved on from it, she talked about wanting to collab with him and his music a few times in recent years and he gave a really cute response to her once in an interview, it was a long time ago so it only makes sense that they forgave each other for whatever happened and moved on
  4. Although I really don't like JT for what he did after their breakup, I think he was her last "real" and healthy relationship. They knew each other since they were kids so they had that foundation of friendship already, and they dated for 3-4 years, starting around the time she started to get more famous (or even a little earlier, maybe they were already a thing when she was opening for Nsync?) I think the only reason it didn't work out was that they were really young and a little immature, so some cheating must have happened -- I mean, they were two of the most famous celebrities of that time, I'm sure they got a lot of offers for ***, opportunities for partying etc and when you're in your early 20s that can be really appealing So sad, I hope I'm wrong in my assumptions of Sam and that Sam is being good for her, I'm starting to believe he is given how long they've been together but idk...
  5. I don't get it, if his NDA ran out why can't he fully disclose the reason (besides respect for her privacy I guess, but you'd think he'd tell us given how keen he seems to help Britney?)
  6. Wait I'm confused how do they know the two pictures were taken at the same party?
  7. I really want to like him and believe he's genuine but it feels SO FAKE when he starts interacting with #FreeBritney posts right after the fans start giving him crap about something suspicious he did like, this time it was the livestream thing and it has happened with other situations before. Could always just be his way of showing us he's on our side though.
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