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  1. Rose McGowan is a very interesting woman. And I actually didn't dislike the preview that was posted. An AMA would be exciting.
  2. I personally loved the first outfit she wore in this pic. It made her look so tall.
  3. It's a more literal translation. the make me, is a bit forcefull. so it would be in dutch "En zorg ervoor dat ik - ooh ooh ooh" but that doesn't fit when it comes to the syllables.
  4. Ooh, i like that one, which language is that? Portugese? Spanish?
  5. Oh actually it might be better to translate it this way... And make me ooh ooh ooh ooh En dwing me ooh ooh ooh ooh? but its a bit more perverted that way, sounding more like "force me to ooh" Actually like it better if i take some freedom and change it into breng me tot ooh ooh ooh ooh Bring me to 'ooh ooh ooh ooh'
  6. Vrijdag, ik droom me suf, over ie-mand die ik echt mag.. Dit gevoel, ik ga in zee, want er is geen kans dit ik deze boot missen ga, deez-nach' zeg ik ja. ~ ~ En laat me ooh ooh ooh ooh En laat me ooh ooh ooh ooh Translating is fun, but quite difficult.
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