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  1. It looks amazing. Love the Stage. “Beautiful Trauma” Tour Set List 1. “Get The Party Started” 2. “Beautiful Trauma” 3. “Just Like a Pill” 4. “Who Knew” 5. “Revenge” 6. “Funhouse” / “I’m Just a Girl” (Gwen Stefani cover) 7. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana cover) 8. “Secrets” 9. “Try” 10. “Just Give Me a Reason” 11. “I’m Not Dead” 12. “Just Like Fore” 13. “What About Us?” 14. “For Now” 15. “Barbies” 16. “I Am Here” 17. “Perfect” 18. “Raise Your Glass” 19. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” 20. “So What” 21. “Glitter in the Air”
  2. So I guess the tour is actually happening... Do you guys have any tour predictions?? Im not expecting a huge production because I think she willl have a small budget. I just hope she has a Burlesque section with songs from the Movie and Lady Marmalade. I also hope she gets in better shape and actually does some choreo. The last couple of years she has just been walking on stage. I want to at least see one slutdrop
  3. The Greatest Show

    exhale I will never, EVER get over this.

    She would neuer have made it this far with her natural Voice tbh. Its not as distimctive, commercial or even as good as people here claim. The soft, angelic, sexy vocals made her stand out and People still immitate them. Her natural Voice Sounds kind of like she has something stuck in her throat. She forces it too hard and imo it just doesnt Sound pleasant Her biggest Problem is that she started ging overboard with the editing of those vocals und now she has too many songs where she Sounds like a Robot.
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    other Guys!! Please Help

  5. The Greatest Show

    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

  6. The Greatest Show

    music Favorite Britney vocals

    Shadow, Everytime, I run Away, Email My Heart, Soda Pop, State of Grace, INAGNYAW, DLMBTLTK
  7. Her IG comments... I would have laughed in your face had you told me this would be the reaction to Britney uploading her tour performances.
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    exhale Liberation Tour Rehersals have started...

    double post
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    tour Clumsy/CYM appreciation thread

    wtf is wrong with her face after 1:40?
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    other Remember when Britney drew her abs on

    its normal for makeup artists to create shadows with makeup to make muscles loook more defined (especially with bright lights shining) Its basically like a spray tan but in the areas thats would "create shadows by the muscles" if that makes sense. like here He is obviously very muscular but with a bit of a darker shade you can make your muscles a lot more visible
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    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

    like i said i didnt see Pitbull I sat down when he left and at that time the whole stage was visible.
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    socialney If Britney wasn't a pop star she would be... ???

    Kindergarten teacher is the only suggestion here I see that would be a good fit.
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    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

    No I was in Mönchengladbach.