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  1. Jessica was never a thing where I live so I have to go with Billie.
  2. should have just done something like this and have her wear outrageous underwear. It would have made headlines but wouldnt have been a skandal.
  3. here is a summary comparisson of most songs if you are interested. (timestamps are in the description) the vocals on the slower songs are so good.
  4. Doesnt make it right or ok. I literally got warning points for saying that Demi is milking her issues and I wonder how she will promote her next album. I dont remember calling her any names or anything. This is the most speech restricted forum I have ever been and its only been like this for a short time. Which is why Im annoyed.
  5. In some songs I ******* love his voice and in others it annoyes me. In this one it annoys me. Its so whiney.
  6. yeah well Jordan and his minions giving me warning points for bull**** reasons is being an ******* for the sake of being an *******. You cant say anything on here anymore without the word police acting like lunatics.
  7. Her new vocals make all the songs so much better. I wish more artists would do this. Its super interesting to compare.
  8. name calling is all they can do tbh. They are incompetent at almost anything else.
  9. Not a voter because Im not American but the amount of false reporting that the US and World media did on him made me root for him. Constantly clipping out sections of his speeches and press conferences and then making fun of him when he called them out for "fake news" I mean just look at this. From day 1 he denounced the KKK and to this day the media report that he supports them and refused to denounce them. During the Charlottesville incident they completly cut out the portion of the interview where he denounced them and only kept in the part where he was tallking about the peacefull protesters (most of them were) and said that there were good people there. They made it sound like he called the KKK good people. He is the first president who went into office pro gay marriage and held up a pride flat at a republican event and was cheered. Yet everyone calles him anti LGBT. Trump never called for violence on Jan 6th but people act like he told those idiots to storm the capitor. On the other hand the left has been fueling a race war and activly calling for violence and letting rioters out of jail for an entire year and nobody cares. And then the double standards when it comes to the "kids in cages" They literally called him Hit**r and said that the kids were kept in concnentration camps. Now that Biden is doing the same thing they are treating it for what it actually is. A very difficult situation without a perfect solution. But also ....keeping the reporters away and trying to hide what is going on.. super shady. Also special operations military members praise Trump for how he dealt with ISIS and getting more troops home than Obama or Bush and nobody talks about those things. Peace treaties in the middle east + trying to smooth things over with North Korea... silence from the media. Finally treating China the way they deserve to be treated and trying to return some jobs to the US - silcene. Everything he did was wrong or twisted in a way to make it look wrong and then calling everyone who voted for him racist or facist was the last straw for me. Alll of those Black woke celebrities who now hate him loved him before he ran for president. He didnt all of a sudden turn racist, thats just the narriative that they spun.
  10. Dont worry everyone. Demi is ok. Thats all that matters.
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