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  1. lmao i cant believe some of you thought this would be over right away?? Im expecting at least another year of court appointments
  2. yeah but why would they?? They dont care lol. I think his demographic is 12-25 year olds.
  3. um no they are not. Most of his fanbase is really young. They dont know much about Britney and probably nothing about the Cship.. What else would they assume??
  4. no one gives a f**k about the pizza. the dancing to britney songs is the problem
  5. maybe Britney hersel wants it to remain private?? I mean we have heard a lot of repors of her being kind of weird backstage over the years so its not like there is NOTHING going on. the real question is: How serious is it really? we will probably never know.
  6. boozeface is a thing. People who drink to much get this really huge boated face
  7. I mean I dont have evidence but since about 2002 "sources close to her" have been saying she has problems with alkohol and whenever she leaves a party she is so drunk that she cant walk by herself. She also said on the Kelly show that she gets so drunk that she has no memories... It could be false but its been reported so many times since 2002 and I think where there is smoke there is fire. needing help leaving clubs some news reports it was also rumored that in 2013 when she dissapeared to Japan and was gone for several months she went to rehab. Thats why she lost the weight and her face wasnt bloated anymore. There is one year between these pictures... Also if you watched the Noise then it was very obvious that something changed in her attitude. Obviously its possible that some behind the scenes drama was dealt with and that alkohol had nothing to do with it but i just think its interesting. also just because I thought it was funny..
  8. not really into any of these looks. I wish she would get back in shape and stop wearing tents i do like this outfit tho
  9. yeah her vocals from I run away would have been gorgous and angelic in a collab.
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