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  1. What type of illness could she possibly have that would warrant her being apart of this for a lifetime? It really makes no sense. Hollywood is full of mental illness yet none are put in a conservatorship for the rest of their life because of it. There has to be way more factors involved in order for them to justify this, which they still fail to mention. I also don’t like the ending of the article. So they’re saying we should back off from the movement because Britney will possibly die if she’s out of it?? This is so sick and twisted
  2. Who would have thought it would be Kevin of all people who could play a role in possibly getting Jamie removed as her conservator and helping Britney? The judges are ludicrous if they believe this man who abuses his grandchildren should be the person in control of Britney’s life and finances. Makes me wonder what type of abuse he’s done to britney herself..
  3. Have you seen Facebook moms??? They’re even worse. This isn’t even all that bad.
  4. what’s up with her being so self conscious about her looks lately? It just seems completely different from how Britney’s always been. She always had that idgaf care free vibe when it came to that aspect. Like someone already mentioned, I definitely think being with Sam may be a reason to why this is.. perhaps she feels insecure about her boyfriend being a fitness younger model and wants to live up to his standards? Also, this isn’t a smart thing to post on social media. You gained 2 pounds, okay, that’s completely normal. She’s acting like it’s such a big deal. I hope her being so concerned about her weight doesn’t turn into an unhealthy obsession.
  5. There’s something very childish about her..like that cute young bubblegum image she displays is just strange for an almost 38 year old. She was never really like that, so it’s almost like her mindset has gone back to how she was when younger, if that makes sense.
  6. Making that video just brought more attention to the paparazzi pics she claims are edited. The general public or huge news outlets weren’t even reporting on it on a large scale. They will now, though. I feel like this is so out of character for Britney?? Since when does she care about how she looks in pap pics?
  7. Okay, I think we should leave it alone for a little bit if it’s causing extra stress on Britney, but don’t get it twisted. This still doesn’t change the fact that Jamie and the rest of Team B are terrible people and that she needs to get out of this c-ship. These problems are still valid and need to be fixed.
  8. Can’t you legally get in trouble for medicating someone who isnt diagnosed with the illness? Did TMZ just get Team Britney into legal trouble? What they said isn’t normal and shouldn’t be ignored. This is not right.
  9. Those really do look like bruises on her face in those pap pics this is terrifying
  10. Sam’s even starting to look suspicious in this whole situation too. Trust no one.
  11. Team Britney gonna hit those girls with a cease and desist letter in the next few days
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