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  1. 4 hours ago, IconicShow said:

    It sucks seeing these two very popular female rappers getting into it.

    Instead of Nicki not being so pressed over other female MC's, like Lil Kim and Cardi B and many more she should be trying to do more for the female movement in hip hop.

    Nicki can be very disrespectful and rude to many artists and it was only a matter of time before someone came at her physically.

    Too bad these ladies just like many others are pitted against one another and can't seem to come together genuinely.


    Lil Kim, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, Remy Ma, Cardi B, Travis Scott and his sweaters. Nicki is the definition of Insecure. It's always what someone else is or has done to her. Instead of what she has done to others. If it's not Cardi B trust me Nicki will be in another beef with someone else in the industry next month. Nicki can pay as many college tuitions as she wants, she's still going to have the spirit of an evil bitch.

    Cardi B did what she became famous for. It's funny how people love you for who you are, until you show your true colors. Then they flip like a damn pancake. I'm more surprised Offset didn't shut it down when Nicki's bodyguards elbowed Cardi in the face resulting in that fat knot on her head. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, 2K16NEY said:

    Her voice is so deep now :airpls: Gurl put dem cigarettes down 

    Clearly, an ex alcoholic and drug addict should not have opened up a dance club in Mykonos because it’ll cause them to spiral again and well she definitely doesn’t appear sober :whatitellu: 

    Sis ex alcoholics are the best nightclub owners. They know how much to serve and how to get the public hooked on cheap liquor with high prices. Every club, bar or pop up bar has an alcoholic on the pay roll. Lindsay just wised up and finally decided to started making money off of what she does best. My question is did Rumors really need a costume change and an intimate acoustic section? :surething:

  3. I'm going quote my aunt's response to the criticism, "Leave that little girl alone, she sang the hell out of Aretha's song and them sorry old punk tricks behind her including Jesse Jackson's old ass didn't seem to mind her skirt." And this is from a 53 year old die hard Aretha fan that doesn't even know what an Ariana Grande is.  :whatitellu:


    My personal opinion, vocals we're not adequate for the occasion but neither was the microphone. And furthermore them old ass men should be ashamed of themselves. Especially that "reverent" that has a first class ticket on a slippery slope to hell for groping Ariana. Other than the fact I can't afford the collection plate this is why I don't go to church.:mhmnod:

  4. 5 hours ago, Born2Die said:

    You broughy up Britney so don't act like I brought Britney into this to critique Nicki's performance.

    It's not hard to talk on stage while bouncing around. Rapping isn't singing. But lets give Nicki a standing ovation fot that. :weusay:

    I stand by my opinion. It was not iconic. Bye :mcwave:

    Don't waste your time with this fool. Nicki's public self-humiliating  antics have clearly rubbed off on what's left of the barbz. I hope they use this same effort to keep Peasant at #2 and that tour from being as cancelled as Nicki.:weusay: 

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  5. Shes Jennifer f**king Lopez! That's all that needs to be stated. :holduplisten:A true diva, this woman is the epitome of a strong work ethic. She started from the bottom and seriously redefined the definition of entertainer for over twenty years. Equal sucess in film, music and entrepreneurship. I seriously wish they still had shows like MTVIcon, she definitely would be deserving of such an honor. I'm not even mad she didn't perform If You Had My Love or Booty. :kyliecry:

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  6. 21 hours ago, Style. said:

    Nicki just won your pathetic ass attention. You be in every Nicki thread hating. Lawl, it must hurt... :beylaugh: but your still watching, listening and giving to Nicki the profits. :beylaugh:

    Just like your delusional ass stays following me and defending this peasant. Even with my "hater" views she still continues to tank. If the barbz put this much effort into purchasing Nicki's sh!t maybe she wouldn't be so mad at an infant and sweaters for her #2 debut. Sis I suggest you emulate your girl Nicki and play the part of the fool, thats what you're here for. :queenriri:

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  7. I will say this is the first VMA's I chose to stop watching voluntarily less than halfway through the telecast. I actually stopped watching after the second commercial break. I started to feel sorry for the show and it's participants. I rewatched the first and second episodes of Insecure season 3 instead.:schoolingtime: 

  8. She and Gaga both are idiots for collaborating with a pedophile and predator. Neither are exempt from accountability. Gaga however didn't come off of supporting her pedophile sibling during his sexual assault trial then went and recorded a basic track with another sexual predator of minors then deliberately placed that track on her album for more sales. Nicki can't blame her stupidity on double standards in these nonsensical twitter rants. :schoolingtime:

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  9. 2 hours ago, Complication said:

    I can't with all the No Sleeep hate I'm always seeing. :wontcry: That song is flawless and gives me serous Velvet Rope vibes which is her best album to date lbr.














    Tonight Show performance was good but even with the extra dance break, I still expect more from her.


    I love this song so much! Something about it just has a classic Janet feel. I loved the energy of the dancers and their outfits. The feel of the entire performance has a cohesive theme. I can't wait for her to perform this more. I have a feeling Gil will add a major dance break for an award show performance or for the tour. Only concern I had with this was when she appeared on the screen I thought it was Lil Kim for a second.:gerlwat: But I'm so happy Janet is still showing this generation how to put on a structured and enjoyable performance.