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  1. Scarlett Johanson plays a Russian spy in the Avenger films and is now getting her own solo "Russian-spy" film. I expect him to to call her out as well. As a matter of a fact his time would have been better spent addressing Scarlett Johanson almost portraying a transperson in a biopic than calling Nicki out for posing for pictures. You know since he supposedly has a queer eye and all.
  2. JChristian

    Summer Smash! Camila Cabello's Next Single Is...

    I forgot all about this girl.
  3. This break-up might be the best thing to happen to Tinashe. Songs on point and now she's actually becoming relevant because of this mess.
  4. Okay I'm just going to say it. This is some cheap CGI bullshit! The song is okay, the video is a complete trite disappointment. What is going on with Ariana this era? Is she broke and there's no budget for actual locations or is she just plain lazy now? No wonder Madonna only approved voice-over for this childish travesty. Nicki Minaj wasn't jiggling her ass in the background so that's a plus for whatever you want to call this visual.