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  1. I am in! Hey @Slayer, you are a path breaker!
  2. Yes, that would be awesome! It would sound bad-*** and very powerful! And an live performance with great raw vocals...mmmmhm. With an intro like Freddie playing the piano and having Slash as a guitarist
  3. Hey, @Style. multumesc pentru atitudinea pozitiva haha. I love what I love
  4. Dragostea e in aer = Love is in the air
  5. I feel you. In Romania it's pretty much the same except the fact that we have the Orthodox, conservative and somehow communist way of thinking. Fingers crossed for the best to happen!
  6. Good luck! Just don't be ashamed of your feelings
  7. I believe communication is the key. You have to be open with him. If you feel like you should talk to him, do it. It could make you happy or sad but in the end, you're gonna be the one who will win. All you'll have to do is accept the answer. That is the secret. If the answer is not the one you're looking for you're gonna be ok, even when you're gonna be sad. But day after day you'll get better.
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