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Everything posted by PokemonSpears

  1. apparently just changed names it used to be whatitellyou or something like that, now it's : oprah :
  2. The artists involved in the song were: Justin Tranter Julia Michaels Imagine Dragons BloodPop Britney Spears Selena Gomez Mark Ronson Jennifer Lopez Gwen Stefani Kacey Musgraves Jason Derulo Meghan Trainor Juanes P!nk Mary J. Blige Halsey Troye Sivan Ty Herndon Adam Lambert Trans Chorus of Los Angeles MNEK Alex Newell Mary Lambert Prince Royce Jussie Smollett Nate Ruess RuPaul
  3. Pokémon + Britney Spears, the story of my life not Jordan removing my favorite Oprah emote
  4. I mean, I personally prefer Oops, and that's what I voted for, but it's very difficult. BOMT is great on its own, its impact is undeniable, it launched her career, and without it, Oops wouldn't exist. But Oops, just took everything BOMT was and made it better. Many would call it a copy, and it really is very similar in its structure, like the skeleton of the song (I don't know any technical terms ) and precisely because it's a copy, you would expect something basic and lame, but somehow it managed to produce an identity of its own, and really take it to another level.
  5. I remember it came out when I had to do a urine test for the anti-doping program of my high school
  6. OV7 walked so RBD could run Also, RBD members are so ungrateful, they refuse to do a reunion
  7. I remember when my sister watched it she was like "Britney has become so boring " and I was like noo, it's just this video
  8. and why not make it a 31 day challenge?
  9. but why do the 30 day challenge in a month that has 31 days?
  10. aaw jk well, of course I prefer Britney, but I'll have to stick with Back to Me, since no one else will vote fore it
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