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  1. the show gets funnier each date
  2. PokemonSpears

    exhale So what if for a comeback performance in 07/08....

    The closest to that would've been Break the Ice, the intro, the first verse, it all screams comeback performance. But the result would've been something like Gimme More was anyway, so, who really cares anymore
  3. PokemonSpears

    tour This is unacceptable SCREAMING

    No, in some dates she just walks from one side of the stage, even after she included the stairs that were absent in the US. Queen of making entrances interesting and fresh
  4. PokemonSpears

    exhale You know the fandom is really dying..

    It's just the only way to stay sane and happy
  5. Larry making sure his favorite song Clumsy doesn't get censored on YT
  6. PokemonSpears

    socialney so what was that?

    Yes she is meticulous like that. They did all this day of shooting just to give us those 9 seconds of material. When will your faves?
  7. PokemonSpears

    socialney so what was that?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they were convinced to do it just as a favor.
  8. PokemonSpears

    other Honestly why wasn’t this the Glory album cover

    It could've been worse though:
  9. PokemonSpears

    other Honestly why wasn’t this the Glory album cover

    I don't know But why is this still your avi?
  10. PokemonSpears

    socialney New IG post! Apple emojis are back

    Queen of exploring London. Queen of not being able to wait for #PieceOfMe next week.
  11. PokemonSpears

    tour New outtake

  12. PokemonSpears

    socialney Why "Army"?

    why would anyone prefer "Bitches" though? And how will the media use that term of endearment on every article/poll, etc?
  13. PokemonSpears

    Britney Comments On Aretha Franklin's Death

    She passed away? I haven't checked the news today. RIP Aretha
  14. PokemonSpears

    socialney What's the story behind this legendary GIF?

    that's only true for POM
  15. PokemonSpears

    socialney What's the story behind this legendary GIF?

    she danced till her body ache (that was 2 songs into the show )
  16. so that's why she did the 100 M&G's the other day, to pay K-Fed's legal fees
  17. PokemonSpears

    music Which Britney tours had your favorite remixes?

    I love POM. Maybe because it's all album vocals and it sounds more faithful to the original. But I really love the BOMT/OIDIA gothic arrangement, the Lucky one as well, Stronger/Crazy, Gimme More. The live versions of 3 and Do Somethin' were really good too. Even Pretty Girls with the extended breakdown was good, DYWCO with the snapping during the break. Breathe on Me, they made it so interesting and fresh. Boys would be fine if they didn't include Pharrell, but just Britney's version. Toxic is also good, but they extended too long the slow version, like if the original beat started earlier, since the first chorus, it would feel more energetic and fresh. Btw I hate the Onyx version of Oops lol if she didn't like that song, she'd rather not perform it instead of destroying it like that. But I try to overlook that.