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  1. I hope the Gram Girls make good, clear points to counter Thoreen's. I didn't like that last comment of the reviewer though. Real fans never wanted her to "consume her as she fell". We never wanted her to see her fall in the first place. It wasn't the fans, but the general public that loves gossip or that just hate to see a pretty, "untalented" woman thrive who kept the business running for the paparazzi. And about the culture that idolized her keeping her captive, that sounds too dramatic too. I mean, it might be true depending how you see it, but I don't think it's that different from any other singer or actor that has signed a deal and has to keep working. It's not the first time I read this sort of narrative of fans sharing the blame with the people that have taken away her freedom and basic rights. Again, depending on the view you may argue the whole idol-fan culture has its own toxicity and consequences, but that's a completely different story that has nothing to do with her being put under a conservatorship for 13 years, or otherwise every other famous person would be in the same situation as hers, so I don't even know why mix those things up. We're not the ones that told them to put her under a conservatorship, or to name Jamie Spears as the conservator, or to deny her the right to hire a lawyer, or the ones that made the conservatorship indefinitely permanent.
  2. it would be creepier if she was dancing like that, IN FRONT OF HER DOOR stop with the "she doesn't know she's being filmed" narrative
  3. that was one of those shows that were fun to watch the episodes once, but then the re-runs would be so tiring still, I think she was one of the most likeable actresses from that generation, and I think she deserved to be a renowned artist by now, but I think she step aside to go to college or something
  4. I screamed at gingham Ingham, you get it I'd scream if it was Juno too lol Edit: for the record, when it was first uploaded the caption said something about the cute gingham, now it says nothing and I sound like a Lou-natic
  5. Yeah, it was actually shot in 2003, don't know exactly which month, and premiered early 2004. You can see the three of them look different from the commercial shots and the premiere Edit: apparently it was September. Here she is at a hotel in Italy throwing signed pictures to her fans from the terrace And here she is heading to the studio to record the song, in Rome too
  6. lowkey waiting for them to recreate the ad for the 20th anniversary, this time with William Eyelash, Doja Cat and Olivia Rodriguez . Bad Bunny will be the emperor
  7. On January 26, 2004, the premiere of Pepsi's Gladiator commercial took place in London. The ad was filmed at the Coliseum in Rome and featured Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Pink as gladiators who perform a new version of Queen's classic We Will Rock You. Enrique Iglesias played the role of the evil emperor, and Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen also made cameo appearances. Brian May said about the commercial: "I will die happy, I think in the end, it will be a good piece of art. There is more money and more talent per second in an ad than in anything else. It was incredible to work with the three of them, and hear the song come to life in a new way. Freddie would definitely have enjoyed it". Britney said about this collaboration: "It's amazing to work with artists like Pink and Beyoncé. It's really, really cool. You want to pinch yourself. This was a thrill beyond belief." Several promo singles were released featuring the track from the commercial, plus some songs by the three divas and Enrique. The general one featured: We Will Rock You (Pepsi "Gladiators" Sound Track Remix) - Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Pink Trouble - Pink Me, Myself & I (Remix) (Grizz's Main Mix) - Beyoncé Me Against the Music (Remix) (Dragon Man Mix) - Britney Spears Addicted (Remix) - Enrique Iglesias Sky Away - Solange Everything You Want -JC Behind the Scenes And then there were the Britney Exclusive, Beyoncé Exclusive and Pink Exclusive promo CD's
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