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  1. I think she also performed it at some European shows And well, technically, the POM performance is a remix of The Stop Remix
  2. I feel like she's the only one that calls him by his real name lol I feel like she calls everyone by their name I do that with co-workers and so, I just don't like most of the nicknames they get, so I always call them their full, real name, and they're always like
  3. On September 23, 1999, the MuchMusic Awards took place in Toronto. Britney Spears was there to perform a medley of Sometimes and (You Drive Me) Crazy. She also presented the Best Pop Video award.
  4. off topic, but Mexican singer Fey, has been named several times as "the Mexican Kylie Minogue" because she used to make a lot of dance-y music, with a lot of Euro dance influences, and she's releasing a new single this Thursday too
  5. my ex-boss' boss did look like Gollum they called him like that behind his back
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