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  1. 1 hour ago, LostInAnImage said:

    OIDIA (song and album) are both amazing, but I never understood why the album version of Oops still contained that Titanic dialogue. It was cute for the MV and it’s obviously iconic now, but it would’ve made the song more radio-friendly to have a regular bridge/dance break there. 

    I believe that's part of its magic :yaknow:

    I don't know about the radio, I never really thought about it as an issue, but in the album it makes sense because it goes with all of the spoken interludes throughout the record. 

    It's telling you a story even without the music video, and tbh, the video was so popular that everybody was gonna get the reference and imagine the scene. And it's not like a full scene is happening, it's shorter than many rap verses we hear nowadays on every song, so I don't know. Maybe it WAS part of why it didn't chart higher, but it's part of what made it iconic at the same time.

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  2. 11 minutes ago, fintan said:

    I think she's filming the London shows for a DVD. Still, not in Vegas, but better than nothing.

    Yeah, I read that, but it won't be the same. No props, she'll make the messy bun since Womanizer, no Everytime or ILRNR which would've looked great on DVD, and it will be almost the same as the Apple Festival.

    We'll have to wait and see.


    Why is Exhale white though? :plzexplain:

  3. I really don't mind the lipsync, whether is Album vocals or pre-recorded. I just wish she did it right, like the old times. Now she barely remembers her own lyrics, especially the new songs. 

    Live vocals are great, if she's gonna sing properly, without changing the key of the original, or without skipping 80% of the song (like Beyoncé does and scream just some ooh's and whoaah's and hey's), or if she's not gonna get out of breath. 

    Imagine how would Work Bitch sound live. If she's not gonna sound like the album, it would be like a whole different song. And singing some parts live and not others, would make the lipsync just more noticeable. Not that it's not noticeable already, but I mean, the change between one and the other would be weird.  

  4. No, I wish it was extended for at least 2 more years :crying1:


    Jk, no, I think it's time for a change, but at the same time it feels like it's been so fast. If I look back, of course there's been hundreds of shows already, but it doesn't feel like so much time has passed, so that's why I feel fine. I mean, it's almost the same time that passed from BOMT era to ITZ. That was 4 albums, multiple videos and hits, many different Britney's and here it's been like one big era, with a couple of somewhat singles and two wasted albums.

    I just want to enjoy, whatever it can be enjoyed from the show, like Oops, Stronger or Crazy, because I got a feeling that those songs are not going to be performed in a long time, whenever she's done with POM.

    We have the Apple Festival, but I wish the POM show was actually filmed, in the Vegas theater, like it was planned and imagined. There were great dates over the years, and it's a shame it wasn't captured in glorious HD. That's what I feel it's missing to be like, ok, we're done with this era.

    I wish the next residency starts from scratch, even if that means saying goodbye to many of the classic hits for a while, to make room for other singles or album tracks. Or at least that they are reworked, with a new remix and theme.


    I repeat, I really don't care about the residency, what has me slowly dying inside is the lack of music videos / singles we've had these years. I'm so thirsty :yesplease:


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  5. 32 minutes ago, Anitta Elusive Chanteuse said:

    lmao he probably paid with his kidneys and got that trash experience. poor hunty :sew: 

    What was he expecting her to say though? "Oh yes, my show yesterday was amazing, I'm so talented, I can't even :overwhelm:   

    She can't engage in conversations with everyone, especially when your way of breaking the ice is compliments for her, that's like the ultimate way of make her feel uncomfortable. He should've told her everything he wanted to say, and that's it. If she had something to say related to that, she would've said it, as it has happened with other people that buy M&G's too. 

    I find it incredible that he "has been studying her since his early teens" and had no idea whatsoever of how these M&G's have been, FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS! It's like he's stuck in 2001 or something.

    Independently of how wrong she might be or not for doing this and at that price, it's inexcusable that one pays such an amount of money without knowing what you're paying for or expecting something based on assumptions or illusions, when you could've read any of the hundreds of M&G experiences since she started Vegas, or even since FFT. 

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