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  1. I honestly don't care if she starts another residency. I just wish she released more than two singles for her upcoming albums. There really is no excuse.
  2. PokemonSpears

    tour this is so petty

    she looks so good I spent like 10 min thinking "what's so pRetty about it?" until I re-read the title
  3. PokemonSpears

    other Europe stage?

    Expectation: Reality:
  4. PokemonSpears

    exhale What's Britney's more masculine perfumes?

    Fantasy, courtesy of Knee, baby let's go
  5. PokemonSpears

    exhale ITZ-ney... is that you??? :O

    you have to see it with your heart it also helps a little bit if you squint
  6. Fan pictures here: http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=561316 Is it too early to start sharing our excitement for the second show of the tour? It starts in less than 5 hours, right? (Countdown) Will she scrap the Clumsy/CYM performance already? Will she wear a new leotard this time?
  7. What was he expecting her to say though? "Oh yes, my show yesterday was amazing, I'm so talented, I can't even " She can't engage in conversations with everyone, especially when your way of breaking the ice is compliments for her, that's like the ultimate way of make her feel uncomfortable. He should've told her everything he wanted to say, and that's it. If she had something to say related to that, she would've said it, as it has happened with other people that buy M&G's too. I find it incredible that he "has been studying her since his early teens" and had no idea whatsoever of how these M&G's have been, FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS! It's like he's stuck in 2001 or something. Independently of how wrong she might be or not for doing this and at that price, it's inexcusable that one pays such an amount of money without knowing what you're paying for or expecting something based on assumptions or illusions, when you could've read any of the hundreds of M&G experiences since she started Vegas, or even since FFT.
  8. The Morning Call though, do people really read that? It should be the biggest media outlets who should do this kind or reviews.
  9. the video is the DWDAT performance that emoji you used comes from
  10. PokemonSpears

    Plenty of Critical Positive Reviews of her tour

    maybe he just got carried away by the highlighter-like outfits of the dancers. We all know the highlight of the show is Boys
  11. And no one cares, I'm fixing my hair, I'm pulling my pants. To hell with stares, the sweat is dripping all over my face And no one's there, I'm the only one wiping her butt in this place. Tonight I'm here, see the wipe of my bum, gotta explode it my breast.
  12. PokemonSpears

    other Any male fans planning on getting Prerogative?

    If I ever find it at Walmart, I think I'll give it a try
  13. they keep recycling the same video from years ago. Britney's influence
  14. PokemonSpears

    rumor Celebrity Psychic Reads Britney's Future

    más que leer las cartas parecía que estaba leyendo una revista de espectáculos sobre la historia de Bricni
  15. PokemonSpears

    rumor Theory about the Advert - There's more to come

    That would make sense, but why would the Elizabeth Arden perfume be involved with her personal line or lifestyle program or whatever that's supposed to be? Also, doesn't it sound too smart and complex for her team?
  16. PokemonSpears

    other Old POM Pre-recorded vocals?

    I miss Stronger the most. But were they really pre-recorded vocals? I thought she always sung live they were just altered vocals from the CD track Not pre-recorded vocals, but in a similar way Pretty Girls used to have some adlibs during the breakdown, well, I think it was just Iggy saying "girls, girls, girls" but they were eventually removed several shows before it was completely removed the whole song, and it felt empty.
  17. This special place it’s in the basement You have to work your way around
  18. Are you having fun with the show? I'm still at work and shouldn't even be here