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  1. Just like how the Private Show ad is so much better than MM video too. Queen of making better perfume ads than her videoclips
  2. PokemonSpears

    music Quavo (from Migos) uploaded the video.. fml

    even if it was done properly, I don't think it fits I'm a Slave 4 U in any way
  3. PokemonSpears

    music Quavo (from Migos) uploaded the video.. fml

    I got distracted by that comment by greys2k which is supposedly one of quavo's high school bullies, for what I understood. I don't know who these people are but I kinda love drama lol it got lots of replies
  4. someone got a little bit too excited with the smoke that's literal heaven on earth, it's kinda dangerous that they can't even see the floor and being so close to the edge of the stage.
  5. PokemonSpears

    news Some "new" infos

    announcing a new residency in such a boring and short interview? I mean, at this point I wouldn't be surprised, but where is our usual desert performance for this kind of things?
  6. because, perhaps she IS counting her steps. Or more than counting, she is watching her step because it's a different stage, but there isn't enough rehearsals for her to move naturally without the fear of falling or tripping or something. Or maybe she's just nervous and anxious
  7. I hate to be the hater, but that's not even one of her best DYWCO performances lol she kinda messed up the final part
  8. Fan pictures here: http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=561316 Is it too early to start sharing our excitement for the second show of the tour? It starts in less than 5 hours, right? (Countdown) Will she scrap the Clumsy/CYM performance already? Will she wear a new leotard this time?
  9. yas mama, slay us with that 15 sec ad for Prerogative
  10. there's nothing wrong, I just don't think Britney will ever do that, like, she did it once with Something to Talk About it, but I just don't see her doing it every show And if she's gonna do it as boring as Everytime, Alien and Perfume were in POM, it's better not to have anything. For example, Perfume could've been so much better even with the lipsync if she kept the neon lights from Boys, or Alien if she had a cute, spacey backdrop. Everytime had nice backdrops but her being suspended the whole time just moving her arms up and down? No thanks. The first Lucky performance used to be nice, because of the lighting and because it was shortened, then the swing ruined it.
  11. That would be awesome, but we know it ain't happening. I think the show is so much better without the ballads right now. Now it's only that Missy Elliot mix that needs to go and put an actual song, maybe Liar or Love Me Down or anything else.
  12. I think is precisely the small audiences what makes her nervous. She literally has their faces in front of her. I mean, there's fans close to the stage in Vegas too, but she's most of the time in the middle of the stage, in front of the catwalk, so she's not seeing them that close, only when she walks to the sides. In this small theater she has them in front of her all of the time. I think she was more comfortable during the stadium performances in Asia.
  13. yes, I was watching the clips on Youtube too, it's really good I mean, not really, really good, but just like the average POM show. Actually better, because her makeup was on point. She looks gorgeous and comfortable during Work Bitch and Womanizer, but just right after she puts her hair in that messy bun during BTI, all the tics and mannerisms start. She should start with a ponytail since the beginning like back in the mermaid hair days, or they should put a giant fan in front of the stage if it gets too hot for her.
  14. PokemonSpears

    music New collab impending

    yassss queens of apples and fairies
  15. well @GodneyLush before the thread was merged with this, I had just written this huge post, but when I clicked Submit, the thread was gone, for the 10000000th time that has happened to me. But more or less, I was saying that, yes it's true that the costumes could improve a lot, but in person they look so sparkly indeed, and suddenly they don't appear that cheap or weird as they look on video. I get why people criticize her movements and so, especially because there's things that could be easily fixed with a true choreographer, rehearsals, a costume designer and a good hairstyle she can't mess around with. But that doesn't mean the show is not enjoyable for the people that attend. I ignore the prices for most of this tour, but at the end I think just seeing Britney Spears live is already worth a lot of money, but that's just me. It's up to anyone to ponder how much of a fan they are and what's more important to them, getting to see their idol live, or getting a next to perfect show. Also if she's doing a small venue, it makes sense that the tickets are more expensive because probably she has to get a certain amount of money per show. Also if there's less seats, they become more valuable because only the ones willing to pay a lot will get the chance to see her. Now, if big stadiums are that expensive as well, my theory gets invalidated, but still, I think this is all about the exclusiveness of this tour, and not so much about the quality (sadly). She's been doing Vegas for a while and she's most likely going to return for a couple of years, and it's been years since the last time she toured, so just that makes each of this concerts a very exclusive event, and probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for several of these cities she's visiting, so that in itself makes it more expensive, rather than if she was touring every other year, and this round of concerts wasn't anything unusual.
  16. so now she does that new move of blowing her gun in Womanizer and Clumsy lol
  17. the BOMT/OIDIA breakdown was replaced since the Asian tour though, or she replaced it with something even worse than that one?
  18. I agree, and I totally understand it. There is this Mexican tour, 90s Pop Tour, they do 360° arenas with big props and screens, elevators and stuff, but when they toured the US they had to adapt the show for the small theaters (because of course they aren't that known over there), and obviously it looks cheaper and emptier, but it's just another format, and artists have to make it work. I'm sure Britney's show looks so much better in person than the videos we've gotten so far, at least that's what I experienced when I saw the show in Vegas.