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  1. PokemonSpears

    Let's say Domination will stay only for 2019

    but isn't it already confirmed that it's gonna be 2 years, AT LEAST? I think she'll just move to another theater, maybe PH offers her an even bigger deal to dome back to them
  2. and I wouldn't doubt she's the one that earns the most at the end of the day, because, yeah, other acts earned more, but then you have to take into account all that they invested on stage, costumes, production, transportation, promotion, etc. Britney's team just grabbed whatever they could fit in two suitcases from the Vegas props and were done. K-Fed's 14 children won't have to worry about anything from now til they're 30
  3. PokemonSpears

    exhale Britney had to fight for MATM and Toxic

    MATM is a nice track in retrospective, but back then, especially compared to her previous work it just seemed lackluster. The Princess and Queen of pop collaborating on a track, should've been a huge pop anthem, that was easy to SING and dance for the people. I don't know how to explain it, it looks great on video, it looks great being performed, but it's not a song a casual listener would enjoy on the radio or at the club, like how the f**k do you dance to that kind of music? or how can you sing along to it? The verses are too fast and the bridge, impossible to follow, and the chorus is very boring and not catchy in comparison. MAAAAYBE if that was the song performed at the VMA's, it would've been more remembered.
  4. PokemonSpears

    exhale Britney had to fight for MATM and Toxic

    Clumsy and Just Luv Me are literally the worst, DYWCO should've been the lead, then MM just a brief second single, and move on to Better, Liar and Man on the Moon. Other probable good choices: Change Your Mind, If I'm Dancing, Love Me Down, Mood Ring.
  5. The only thing that WOULD sound logical about this rumor is that she would finally dare to perform there now that it's very possible that it's seen as something negative, whoever performs next year, because of whatever controversy is going on with NFL right now. She would be seen as the traitor artist that didn't join the likes of Rihanna, Pink, and everyone else who has refused to perform there. That would be a classic Britney's team move. But the truth is we won't get anything till Domination starts (and with anything I mean no promo interviews, pictures, singles, albums, tweets, etc.)
  6. 1999 true, but that was on January 12, so we're less than a month away from the date.
  7. I think those videos they uploaded come from other older videos we had already seen in some DVD. I'm not sure about the rest of the videos, but I think for Crazy we only have the MTV Making the Video, they would have to take something from that, and BTMYH and FTBOMBH I doubt they have footage from the bts, but who knows.
  8. PokemonSpears

    rumor B10 IS COMING

    I mean, it'd be Blackout 3.0 already, where were they in 2013?
  9. PokemonSpears

    rumor B10 IS COMING

    but what has really made sense with her career in the last decade?
  10. PokemonSpears

    Just get shooked by Brit insta likes Vs other artists ...

    well, it might sound too Cappycorn-y of me, but Ariana and Selena have around 140M so-called followers (because who really knows how many of them are legit) so to get an average of 1M - 5M per post is the LEAST they should get. Britney has 21.5M, almost 1/5 of their followers, so in proportion I think Britney is doing fine, especially for the kind of content she posts and the frequency as well.
  11. they probably used it as their Christmas tree this year (and the next 50 years)
  12. PokemonSpears

    exhale If Britney had a child with Richard Simmons

    Totally unrelated, I don't exercise, but I discovered Blackout is really good to listen to while taking a shower It's my least favorite album, but whenever I put everything on shuffle, like when taking a shower, my phone will ALWAYS pick my least favorite songs, like Everybody or Get Back, because it knows I won't be able to change it because I'm all wet. So that's the only moment I find them tolerable.
  13. PokemonSpears

    other I was in Kentwood today... and I‘m devastated.

    wasn't there a hurricane or something not too long ago?
  14. PokemonSpears

    exhale Epic Rights

    AP in... April...