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  1. the shows start earlier and earlier each date for me
  2. btw @Niki, off topic, but why is there an Apple Pie album in the Music Videos section of Xray? https://xray.breatheheavy.com/index.php?cat=668
  3. the M&G set looks like it was taken in a dark alley behind the stadium or something
  4. I wish I appreciate the love for Pokémon, but I wouldn't waste a M&G picture with her by hiding my face though.
  5. PokemonSpears

    tour Britney singing with the track

    And I always say it, wait a couple of years and Exhale will praise what they used to hate. People always complained about Lucky and that black version of the Jane the Virgin dress, and here they are getting praised 2 years later Watch 2020 Exhale making Ponytail tour appreciation threads lol I always loved Lucky, and I'm so sad I didn't get the chance to see her perform it when I finally went to Vegas. I never thought she would perform that song again.
  6. PokemonSpears

    tour Britney singing with the track

    of course it's not live, the playback is full power, but there are a few words you can hear her pronounce over the track, because you can hear the sound of the mic that is very close to her mouth.
  7. PokemonSpears

    tour Britney singing with the track

    yes I was watching the other day, and I remembered there was a thread not too long ago asking if the only times she sang a few words over the track were WB and Crazy. I had forgotten about Lucky, you can totally hear in some parts the sound of her voice hitting the mic, like in "PPPPerfect smile" but the track remains louder than the mic.
  8. PokemonSpears

    other "B-Army" Alternative

    Knee tappers Questioners (because of the Who is it? thing) Pieces of her Not girls, not yet women Britneyjeaners Martyrs
  9. PokemonSpears

    music Does britney sing the chorus in oops I did it again

    Not that expensive, well, they were like $35, they're from the brand Syllable lol I don't know how good they are supposed to be, but they're the kind that is truly wireless, they connect via bluetooth between each other. I've had other "wireless" headphones before, but they're like, they're not attached to the phone or device, that's the wireless part, but they do have a wire connecting them to each other (that kept breaking after a while like any normal headphones). With those I didn't notice a big difference compared to my old, conventional headphones I use with my computer. But ever since I got these, all the songs sound different, not only Britney's of course, and I kinda see why people so heartfully say Myah Marie is louder in most of Britney Jean songs, because I did starting noticing it in WB final bridge. And it's not necessarily that the quality is better, I just think the channels are different, well I don't know if that's the term, because yeah, there are new sounds I didn't hear before, or not so clear, but other sounds and vocals that used be more noticeable, aren't anymore. And it also reminded me of some guy in here that claimed if you connected your headphones mid way, like not all the way in, you could hear Myah Marie
  10. I've been ignoring this all day, but decided to give it a try, it's not that bad
  11. PokemonSpears

    socialney New Promo Pic Of Britney!

    when you run out of moves to scrap on your show
  12. PokemonSpears

    music Does britney sing the chorus in oops I did it again

    I just commented on another thread about the Myah Jean situation, how I've always heard Britney, until I just recently bought some wireless earphones, now suddenly all the songs sound different, like background vocals or sounds that weren't inaudible before or not as strong, are now very present (like Work Bitch having the background vocals higher than Britney in some parts) I also mentioned how OIDIA sounds different too. You can barely hear Britney, especially in the last chorus. I noticed especially with Oops, 'cause it's my favorite song and I've been listening to it for almost 20 years, and the first time I listened to it with my new earphones I immediately noticed the change. I really don't know how those configurations work, about the channels or layers or whatever audio files are composed of.
  13. PokemonSpears

    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

    reminded me of
  14. lol I used to think it was a train, but after I got the Titanic reference (THAT took me years) I thought that maybe it was a ship I finally got the answer Oops is my favorite song ever