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  1. someone ask her to wear yellow on her next post if she was threatened by Britney's team
  2. On July 12 2018, Britney kicked off her latest tour so far, Piece of Me, which was essentially the same show from her Las Vegas residency of the same name, which ended in December 2017, except for a few changes on the setlist as well as a reduced amount of backup dancers and stage props. She performed in various cities of North America and Europe. The show received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, nonetheless, it became the 6th highest-grossing female tour of 2018, and was the United Kingdom's 2nd best-selling female tour of 2018. The setlist: Work ***** Womanizer Break the Ice / Piece of Me ...Baby One More Time / Oops!... I Did It Again If I'm Dancing (interlude) Me Against the Music Gimme More Clumsy / Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) Scream & Shout (interlude) Boys Do You Wanna Come Over? Work It / Get Ur Freak On / WTF (Where They From) [Dance break] Get Naked (I Got a Plan) [interlude] I'm a Slave 4 U (with Walk It Talk It elements) Make Me... Freakshow Do Somethin' Circus If U Seek Amy Breathe on Me Slumber Party (removed at later dates) Touch of My Hand (removed at later dates) Toxic Stronger / (You Drive Me) Crazy Till the World Ends The tour had 31 shows in total, 3 of which were part of especial events: The Preston Park show was part of Brighton Pride (August 4) The Skanderborg Dyrehave show was part of Smukfest festival (August 8) The Circuit of the Americas show in Austin was part of the United States Grand Prix weekend (October 21, the last show and her latest performance to this day)
  3. I really was but keep laughing But I still believe it's more likely that they're just referring to the fans wanting it to be released globally
  4. In theory she has the right to have her own lawyer (that's what Sam Ingham III is supposed to be) but usually it should be someone chosen by the conservatee not someone appointed by the same judge that put her under a conservatorship in record time
  5. this is the part that you don't seem to understand, as many others in the GP. The judge that approved the conservatorship, Reva Goetz, is FAMOUS for being involved in cases of conservatorship abuse. She even appears on websites from groups that are dedicated to fight the conservatorship abuse as you can see here: https://www.uglyjudge.com/judges-2/corrupt-california-judges/los-angeles-2/judge-reva-g-goetz/ Among the many things that @Meaner03 dug up last year, was this net of people that involves judges, lawyers, doctors and social service workers that literally live of the business of conservataorships. They all benefit from these, because it implies they get a permanent salary. Sam Ingham, the court appointed lawyer that Britney got and that after meeting her for 15 MINUTES determined that she was unable to speak in court, has been receiving a salary as Britney's lawyer for the past 12 years and counting (not to mention that he's been accused of being complicit in the murder of another of his clients, which also happened to be a conservatee, Casey Kasem). And Britney's current conservator, Jodi Montgomery, is also an expert in this kind of "businesses" and has worked with Sam Ingham multiple times, as the Gram Girls noticed when someone at the hearing told them so when they saw them together, something along the lines of "ha, you two together again?". They even have conferences and seminars about the benefits of being part of these conservatorships. The difference is that it's usually elder people the ones that end up victim of these, usually in complicity with their relatives who are the ones that want to take their money. There's even a documentary about it. And even if you don't believe all that, you that trust so much in the law, the law says that the conservatee has to be informed that they're gonna be placed under a conservatorship, BEFORE it happens, precisely because they have to give them the chance to hire a lawyer and fight it back. They didn't do it with Britney, because they tricked her into getting into rehab by herself, "just to get checked" and while she was there, PERFECTLY FINE, her father and the lawyers started all the process of the conservatorship, arguing that it was better for her not to be notified about it, because it would disrupt her treatment, so they only told her about it once the conservatorship was already placed and there was nothing to do about it. That, for starters, was a violation to the law, but no one bats an eye about it. Not only that, but it was all very weird, because conservatorships are otherwise extremely hard to concede. In theory, conservatorships are supposed to help when people that really are in need, like old people with dementia or any other mental issue, really need the help of someone else to provide for them the food, medicine, shelter, etc, everything they need, so a relative or a social worker can have access to their bank account and force them to go to the doctor, or a hospital, or some asylum, etc, when they aren't able to take that kind of decision. But precisely because it implies stripping down the person from all their rights, it's extremely difficult for a judge to approve them, unless they present enough evidence of it, and that usually takes a looot of time, if it ever happens. Not Britney though, and especially not with that judge Reva Goetz. Her conservatorship must hold the record of being the fastest conservatorship ever approved in all history. She didn't even have to see the patient herself, go figure. And as we've been saying since forever, if she was THAT bad that the judge had to take that decision of the conservatorship express, how the hell was she already working a month later in How I Met Your Mother?, like what kind of nonsense is that? It doesn't matter what people think about Britney today, the truth is the way the conservatorship happened in the first place, was illegal, and it needs to be revoked, and whatever might be Britney's current situation needs to be reevaluated and they need to find another way to seek her help, because there are thousands of other ways they can make sure she gets whatever help she needs without taking away her rights with a conservatorship. She doesn't need to keep paying a salary to a useless conservator and lawyers that aren't doing anything for her.
  6. Yeah, there were rumors in 2016 that they had stopped giving her the meds. She was seen around her kids all the time, she was performing better, she sounded good in interviews, she had more "control" over Glory and even dared to talk about the conservatorship at that UK interview (we should push them to leak that material as well). The only thing that never left was her anxiety and shyness. But I meant that at least in comparison to 2011, she did got better in the following years.
  7. agree with almost everything, except she actually got progressively better from 2011 - 2016, being 2016 her best year in all aspects. From getting Sam as a boyfriend in late 2016 - 2019 everything got worse.
  8. I don't think they have itunes, but I found this website https://kjmusic.ir/britney-spears-jlm/
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