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  1. so it snowed in LA? here in Tijuana it was hailing yesterday, I was walking down the street when the hail started to hit me from behind, and I was like wtf lol it's been freezing this past few days, only today the sun finally came out but the air is still very cold (not as cold as in northern places of course, but it's very cold for what we're used to)
  2. PokemonSpears

    music i don't get the hate for pretty girls

    Better than MM, probably. Better than SP, not really. My problem with Pretty Girls, is that she looks really bad most of the video (at the beginning she looks amazing, but the look we see the most is the short, curly hair with bad makeup) and of course the acting scene. About the song, is not that bad, it's just too short. And, in my personal experience, what really ruined it for me was that Tom's Diner leaked around the same time PG came out, so the contrast between the two was just huge. TD is heaven.
  3. PokemonSpears

    video Lucky just hit 100M! Criminal is next

    that's what I was talking about in another thread for the Not a Girl anniversary (that's another song of the same kind). As a kid they were so long and boring to me, compared to other singles like Oops, Crazy, Stronger, etc. and now I can appreciate them, but it's like, I skip them 90% of the times when they come up on shuffle, or I just rarely watch those clips. And it's true, Where Are You Now is an example of a really great ballad, because it's slow and calm, but it does have a climax and the melody is just more entertaining. I know it sounds stupid, but having such long titles it's kind of a turn off even before you get to listen to them.
  4. PokemonSpears

    video Lucky just hit 100M! Criminal is next

    I thought I was the only sane person in this forum, but you've given me hope
  5. yay At least Criminal, Not a Girl and Stronger should hit the 100M this year.
  6. ignore me whatever you want , just make sure ya'll keep streaming
  7. PokemonSpears

    exhale SOS

    Well, we would have to check dates and so, but I think she was never absent for more than a month. There were always candids, or she kept doing appearances / interviews. Even in the dark days she used to post on her website herself.
  8. PokemonSpears

    exhale SOS

    that's career wise, but that doesn't justify the lack of social media presence, or even the paparazzi pics. I know she's so much better this way, but it's the truth, she had never been able to disappear for this long.
  9. PokemonSpears

    video should they stop airbrushing her in music videos?

    Actually, if they airbrushed her more, or did anything to make her look like "old Britney" maybe she would stop doing fun stuff to her actual face, because she wouldn't have to worry about how she looks on camera.
  10. So now it's time for Criminal to hit the 100M mark, currently at 98.4M, making FF the only era with all its videos getting over 100M views. kworb estimates it hitting the mark on March 17th, but we'll see... Either way, let's stream Not a Girl is the next one at 97M, so who knows who wins the race
  11. PokemonSpears

    video Lucky just hit 100M! Criminal is next

    I doubt we'll get anything before summer, if any, I think we could get something by the fall / December, and that if we're very, very lucky.
  12. PokemonSpears

    other Random Question but..

    I was just arriving to work, and ususally I just put my phone to charge and turn off the data (then I open a browser window to read Exhale lol) but something told me I had to check my phone. So I turned on data, and I see a notification from Facebook, from Britney Spears, and I start reading and the first thing I thought was that something had happened to her, because the first thing I read was something like "won't be able to perform my show" and I was like "an illness? an accident? did she die? " then I kept reading and kinda felt a relief, then immediately was like, "nooo, I was going in February". And then right after that I suddenly remembered all the times people in here had said she should retire or take a long ass break, and I came here to post something like "I bet ya'll are happy now " Aahh, it's so sad that the last iconic moments of the Britney fandom I've spent them at work: MM video release, the "announcement", the cancelation, what am I doing with my life?
  13. PokemonSpears

    socialney Are you teeth snob because of Britney?

    As a kid I had straight teeth, not perfect, but didn't need braces until I was like 15 or 16 because my wisdom teeth appeared and ran out of space. I didn't get my braces until I was like 20 though, but because another problem I was born with became more prominent, caused more issues, which is prognathism, a condition where the lower jaw outgrows the upper one and protrudes. In my case, unaware of what I had, unconsciously forced my bite to keep as normal as possible preventing it from protruding but that made it "grow" to the left, thus making my face visibly asymmetrical. The problems begun when I started biting my inner cheeks and tongue every time I tried to eat anything, to the point where all my meals tasted like blood. I know, it was gross. So it corrected a little bit with the braces, at least I don't hurt myself, that often, but in theory I need surgery where they need to cut the excess bone of my jaw and paste it together with titanium, but that sounds super scary, so I never went back to the doctor after my braces were removed After my braces were removed I found out my teeth were yellower than they were before, but I'm scared as well of whitening them because they're already too sensitive, so I really don't know what's the best option for me. But I do think of it every time I see Britney smile
  14. PokemonSpears

    video Lucky just hit 100M! Criminal is next

    There's another page, kworb but it's down right now for some reason, that page gives some "predictions" in terms of the daily views the videos get, those aren't totally accurate because sometimes a video suddenly stops getting views or another video suddenly starts getting more views out of nowhere. They predict Criminal and Not a Girl getting to 100M in March and Stronger for April. According to what I saw last year with Everytime, OLL and Crazy I think Not a Girl will be "certified" before Criminal because it gets more daily views for some reason. And I think both of them will have 100M at least by April, but I'm not so sure about Stronger. Crazy's predicted date to reach 100M kept getting delayed each day because the daily views weren't constant and I think that's the case for Stronger, but it's almost 100% sure it'll get there before the year ends. Now after those three, I don't think we'll see any other video reach 100M until next year at least, being very positive (unless she releases a new single that doesn't suffer the same fate as MM / SP). Overprotected has been slowly increasing, but SP has been stuck in the 80M for years and 3 and Radar at the 70M too.
  15. PokemonSpears

    other She needs this hair color

    she needs this