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  1. I understand that, sadly, that's the kind of music that is the trend right now, even here in Latin America, but I wish that artists like her or Christina or anyone that is trying to sing in Spanish, worked with actual Latin songwriters and producers outside of the reggaeton/urban world, and created some beautiful pop ballads or pop uptempo songs. Here in Latin America we look up a lot to what people in the US does, so who better than them to bring back the pop so our Latin pop artists can go back to it again, so they stop doing that urban crap. I mean, Christina already did it with with her album Mi Reflejo. A pop ballad is timeless, but this urban stuff is already sounding tiring. The uptempo songs are great too. Tbh all Christina needs to do is re-release Ven Conmigo and it will be a hit again lol Selena should work with someone like Noel Schajiris, Leonel García, even Kalimba. Armando Ávila, someone like that.
  2. after a failed attempt earlier today when I lost everything that I had already written, I finally updated the OP with what I could better late than never
  3. then he can embark on his own tour: The Circus Starring Jamie Spears you know, that ex-employee already revealed he runs a tight ship
  4. I don't really have like ONE favorite youtuber. I just watch a lot of channels in general, many of them don't even have a host or have multiple hosts. But some of the ones I've been following for the longest are: Maria , original ASMR queen Dean from ManFlowYoga Leonhart Mary
  5. nah, after reading the article, I think it's just a representation of feminism in general, not just Britney
  6. Well, the article is more about feminism in general than just Britney (now I get the picture). Yeah, I think a lot of things still need to change, and I think it's only natural that as time goes by we look back and see the things that were wrong, as they say, better late than never. But in the process, a lot of people, or in the specific topic of this article, a lot of women suffer the consequences of all these retrograde ideas that reign our societies.
  7. the fact that I just saw that Antphrodite video where he said they would keep talking nonsense to prove a certain point lol
  8. I think it was more about they don't letting her ask for help, or to somehow let other people know she wanted out of the situation. Or that info would leak that she wasn't as happy and as ok as the narrative they wanted to sell us (and ultimately did). If people figured out she was still not ok even after the conservatorship, everybody would start questioning its validity since the beginning. But they had to put this façade to be like "see, how good the conservatorship is doing for her?" I mean, it's the whole reason why every interview is so controlled, so they don't ask her about the conservatorship, about whether she's happy with it or not, or about Sam Lutfi, or about her father, or about the head shaving or the hospitalizations or anything that may destroy the illusion they've created. Which is probably why she's also always so nervous and anxious knowing that if she's asked something that is forbidden she will have to answer some dumb thing to avoid telling the truth and getting in problem.
  9. On March 02, 2004 The Onyx Hotel Tour kicked off in San Diego, in order to support Britney Spears' fourth album In the Zone. Britney visited America and Europe with it and and showed a more mature and adult side of her in comparison to her previous tours. With 54 concerts in total, 616,887 in attendance, a box office of U$35.3M, The Onyx Hotel Tour would be her last stadium concert before marrying Kevin and becoming a mom the following year, and eventually put under a conservatorship against her will in 2008. Originally planned as "The In the Zone Tour" (later changed due to a lawsuit filed for trademark infringement) it was announced in December 2003. The tour extended through June 06, when it was abruptly cancelled after she injured her knee on the set of the Outrageous music video, after suffering another injury onstage in March while performing (I Got That) Boom Boom in Illinois. It was intended to end in August, and in total 40 shows were cancelled. The setlist was comprised mostly of tracks from the album In the Zone, with only some of her classic hits making the cut, two of which, ...Baby One More Time and Oops!... I Did It Again, were reworked in a Cabaret style. The majority of the show is focused on dancing and sensual performances, but two moments stand out during the concert, the ballads Everytime, performed with Britney playing the piano, and Shadow. Divided in seven segments that narrate the story within the Onyx Hotel, these were the songs performed on the tour: Toxic Overprotected Boys Showdown ...Baby One More Time Oops!... I Did It Again (You Drive Me) Crazy Everytime The Hook Up I'm a Slave 4 U Shadow Touch of My Hand Breathe on Me Outrageous (I Got That) Boom Boom Me Against the Music In an interview for the Associated Press, she explained the meaning behind the onyx stone and the hotels in her life, as well as what the public could expect from the show: MTV was a big supporter of the tour, doing several special shows to promote it. Thanks to Britney Online @CJMCH we just got this backstage at Fresno from TRL in high quality There was also the longer MTV special Road to Miami Besides the show from Miami in March, the one at Rock in Rio Lisboa was also broadcasted in June, and it was reported by MTV that a reality show was being produced to document the backstage of the European leg, which would be later reworked into what ended up being Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.
  10. On March 02, 2001, Britney Spears' Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know music video premiered on TRL. The last music video off the Oops!... I Did It Again album was directed by Herb Ritts, who passed away the following year, on December 2002. The video was shot in two days in Miami, Florida during the last week of January. Britney, who had already been photographed by Ritts in 1999, picked him as the director inspired by his work with Madonna (Cherish, 1989) and Janet Jackson (Love Will Never Do (Without You), 1989). Herb Ritts' signature was to film his videos in black and white, but that was not the case for DLMBTLTK. In an interview for Rolling Stone, he talked about the video: The video debuted at #1 on TRL and topped this list a number of times throughout its run. Despite Britney saying it "was the funnest video I've ever done," it was reported that both her mom Lynne and then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake weren't as excited about the clip, which shows Britney wearing just a bikini top and denim shorts, cuddling and kissing a shirtless man at the beach. The video in fact was revised and the most "raunchy" scenes were cut out of the official version. However, the cut content and some bloopers were released later on 2004's Greatest Hits: My Prerogative DVD. In 2002, the French model Brice Durand, who plays Britney's interest in the video, gave an interview for journalist Sean Bickerton where he talked about his experience filming the video, from being picked after a messy casting audition to working with Britney Spears and Herb Ritts. He narrated the day he did the audition: "It was a Thursday horrible - it was raining very hard, I had had a long day, five or six appointments, and a friend was taking me to all of them on his motorcycle, so I was getting all wet. My jeans were soaked, my hair was a mess, I was totally deplorable. So I was just calling my agent to tell them that I had completed the days when they told me to go to an audition for a clip of Britney Spears. At this point I was so messy, I was dirty and wanted nothing more than to go home and dry up, but I thought "Who cares, I'm at it," without expecting anything." He said they had auditioned more than six hundred guys: 200 from L.A., 200 from N.Y. and 200 from Miami. When he arrived, everyone had already gone, and there were just a pile of cards everywhere and he thought he had no chance. The next Sunday he got a call telling him that he was accepted for the video, and was informed that he would be the only model appearing with Britney on the shoot. In the interview he explains sometimes it's hard to work with female models for photoshoots and such, where they can get mad if you put your hand where you shouldn't or they think he's being flirty when he's just trying to be as realistic as possible while keeping it professional. He thus thought Britney would be no exception, and was expecting a diva behavior from her. He said that even though they improvised a little on the scenes, Herb Ritts was always giving them direction making sure everything went well, and also praised Britney for always nailing her scenes in one take. Related:
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