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  1. PokemonSpears


    I think if they wanted to enter the Latin market, a more suitable choice would be Shakira. Despite what people may think, like, fans or general public, I think she's more respected by other artists themselves. I mean, if you read the average comment on any social media, they would say it's almost insulting to even suggest a collaboration, for example, between Britney and Beyoncé. HOW could Beyoncé do that? "Does Britney even sing?" and blah blah. But the truth is, people like Beyoncé or JLo went to see her show, Gaga did as well. Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera both have shown to be down with a collaboration if Britney wanted to. IF Britney wanted to, and I think it's Britney herself the one with the insecurities. Yes she has said she's been jilted at the studio, but we don't really know who that was. So I think it's really up to her. I truly believe any major artist if asked by Britney, Larry or the label, would be down for a collaboration. She doesn't need to be doing any favors to all those Sabi's she's worked with most of her career. If so, I think she's better off alone.
  2. PokemonSpears


    I agree about Pitbull, but the only one that's not disgusting from that list you mentioned, is Ricky Martin though (and even THAT wouldn't be my dream for a collaboration)
  3. PokemonSpears


    this comment though
  4. I don't know, I think the video actually premiered in November
  5. PokemonSpears

    I’m gonna meet Britney on my Birthday!!!

    if you've ever met her in Vegas, this is twice as much
  6. PokemonSpears

    tour Meet and Greets are now $2000

    but then everyone and their mama would buy them, and there'll be cases like that date in Europe she did almost 100. So they would have to limit to a certain amount of M&G per night, and people would complain about how difficult it is to buy one. I wouldn't doubt that it's actually, like another user said, some sort of measure to stop people from buying them, or as many people as before. We'll have to wait and see if the more expensive price actually makes the amount of M&G decrease.
  7. I really am though #sorrynotsorry. I'm glad I'm seeing her again, even if it's the same POM setlist and she brings back the wigs. Hopefully we'll get new backdrops.
  8. thanks for clarifying our everlasting debate once and for all
  9. this thread will reach page 100 soon we're so excited
  10. PokemonSpears

    I’m gonna meet Britney on my Birthday!!!

    just remember you can look, but don't touch
  11. Yeah, I've heard a lot about it, but is it trustworthy? I don't wanna end up at Excalibur again though, I stayed there last year 'cause it was the cheapest, but oh, they really meant it It smelled awful and I had to walk like a million miles to go anywhere.
  12. I know, I would totally pay the money if I had it though I just love her so much. I'd be happy even if I ended up being kicked out like Marta, just being so close to her must be awesome I saw her last year, and one of the shows was in the GA section. I was just some feet away from her, and she looked incredibly beauitful.
  13. omg I'm so jelaous, I entered at 10:00 but I wasn't able to do anything, the site was just lagging. But I finally bought my tickets (obviously so much more expensive now). I'm going Feb 20 and Feb 22. Now I don't know how I'm gonna pay for my flight or hotel I've been spending so much money lately building my computer lol No regrets