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  1. the thing is, it really was ideal for Britney, in the sense that, I bet she rather have a 4 year residency, just going back and forth from her home to Vegas, than travel around the world in a tour, sleeping in a different hotel room every night, and most times away from her kids. She's said it herself. Her team doesn't have any interest in letting her artistry and legacy die, but all the opposite, since that would make them even more money. I think the thing here is that they thought the albums and singles would sell by themselves with no promo, like Scream & Shout did, and other previous singles to some extent, like I Wanna Go. That combined with the change of record labels, was the worst that could've happened to her career, at least from the fan perspective. I'm not trying to defend her team, because I agree that they managed to make a lot of money by having the cheapest production, cheapest outfits, cheapest choreographers, etc. but even if we look at it from their abusive, ambitious point of view, it doesn't make any sense that they would want her career or status to flop. You can say whatever you want about Britney Jean, but it got William Orbit, David Guetta, Diplo, Sia, Dr. Luke and will.i.am who had just given her Scream & Shout. The final product might not be up to the fans' standards (it was until it didn't debut at #1) but in theory, that sounded like a good record, they weren't working with random people, they were clearly not trying to sabotage her career. Then with Glory she was allowed to work with the people she wanted, they even went as far as to scrap what she had recorded and start again, instead of rushing a release with what they already had. Going back to the record label, they played a huge part on it too. RCA has clearly had no interest in pushing Britney's career as Jive did back in the day. Just like they've released Swimming in the Stars and Matches with no involvement from Britney, they could've released more singles off Britney Jean and Glory, even if they were just radio singles, or just got a lyric video, but they were so easy to give up on the entire album, the moment a single flopped (Perfume, Slumber Party). Now, what would've been worse for Britney? Do you think she would've enjoyed to be taken to every tv show and perform, and give thousands of interviews around the world like back in the day? Even if she recorded the album she wanted to, like Glory, without the proper promo, it was destined to "fail", or at least not get the commercial success they expected. In a sense, they also let her do the bare minimum, for her own comfort, as long as the Vegas tickets kept selling. At any moment they tried to retire Britney by doing Vegas, Larry himself kept saying since the beginning that she was coming to revolutionize the landscape, because they were targeting the younger audiences that were starting to go to Vegas, as opposed to the old people it was known for. He even emphasized the fact that it was the first time an artist that still had current hits on the charts, was doing a residency. And he wasn't wrong, now everyone and their grandma, including those that swore they would never do residencies, ended up having a residency in Las Vegas, and now it's seen as the most normal thing for an artist to do. So conservatorships aside, and independently of who ended up keeping the money, career-wise it was a wise move: gaining a lot by investing the minimum, the least amount of money for them, and the least amount of time/energy for Britney. In order for Britney to be "up to Beyoncé's standard" she would have to spend hours and hours at the studio, she would have to release all those visual albums, tour the world, hours of rehearsals, and pre-production, and the makeup, and the styling, and the image and this and that, and that requires a lot of involvement from Britney herself. But her priority are her kids. She already has a limited amount of time to see them, so I really believe she was happier doing the residency than during the Circus or FF eras. Of course it all stopped in 2018 with the tour.
  2. then Billy B will post it, and it will be a never ending chain of post-ception
  3. 66 emojis, it's clear isn't it? How did that other caption read? "Devil is in the details 😈 "
  4. they were banned ages ago well, probably like last year, but in Britney's time that's a lot
  5. I don't think it was he who saw it, but it seems like it's a screenshot that was sent to him. The post seems to be like a screenshot from someone else's story, like santa.spears' story about Avril Lavigne picture on Britney's account
  6. I knew they were together since a long ago, but didn't know she was pregnant, congrats! so they became moms the same year
  7. that's what I keep wondering. It would be nice if there was like a higher entity that could overlook this kind of situations, but I ignore if that's actually possible. It would be more convenient if the judge Reva Goetz could be investigated instead. Like if he's investigated, and they find out he's done things wrong, what are they gonna do, appoint another lawyer? Unless there's a reform in the conservatorship laws, I don't know how they can force them to do anything. But I suppose this letter is backed up by lawyers and other people that are more in the loop. The "good" thing, or not so good, is that even though Britney's situation is extremely unusual and one of a kind, the conservatorship abuse in general is a common problem and that could potentially help to move things faster, or to provoke a change in the law. So this is not a "let's help the rich and famous superstar" kind of thing, but it's something that would benefit a lot of citizens that are subject to this abuse.
  8. I think the pictures were the same I posted, well, there are more, but you can google them, they were those full body shots taken in that sort of balcony
  9. wasn't the building destroyed after the riots? then painted as something else?
  10. I think that's one way to see it, but to say is 100% related to the song, is a bit of a reach to me. The song never talks about getting back up though, but the thing is, what I meant is in general, many of her videos don't really represent what the song talks about, or their main theme. In the end, Everytime song talks about regret and being sorry about a situation apparently Britney was guilty of, but the storyline of the video is Britney is drowning in a bathtub because a paparazzi hit her in the head with a camera, while arguing with her boyfriend. That's a huge contrast right there, but it works for many people. Oops!... I Did It Again is another one people always complain about, what does a song that talk about playing with the guys' feelings and referencing the Titanic have to do with dancing in Mars? But again, it just works. So we don't know, maybe David had a different storyline that actually made sense, even if it wasn't the most logical thing to think about when listening to the song
  11. I think it's not available now, but I remember when I first started to visit BreatheHeavy, and searched for the archived news, one of the earliest news was the behind the scenes pics of Everytime leaking
  12. that's the most impressive part, she didn't even try, and perhaps, she didn't even want it in the first place, all she wanted was to do what she liked to do
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