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  1. Isn't it funny how just when people were questioning why did we only get to see her INSIDE the car in the recent candids, we now have videos of her walking around and talking to the paps? lol
  2. The thing is she can have one mental illness or another, but the real question remains, does THAT justify a consevatorship? If she really needs meds, therapy, a group of doctors and such, couldn't they find any other way to persuade her to follow a treatment without stripping her out of her basic human rights (and fortune)? I just don't see a severely ill person (as they say she is) going on tour, performing in front of thousands, attending awards shows, ACTING, and doing all the stuff she's done for more doctors they hire or meds they give her. Would you let an extremely ill person appear on live television, or be alone with their kids, or DRIVE A CAR? I know, and just trying to be super positive, I could understand Jamie, as a father trying to do the best for his daughter. You don't want anything bad to happen to her, and will do everything to make sure she doesn't make any crazy stuff that can put her life in danger or her children's or people around her, but making sure that doesn't happen, all the time, that's just as insane. We all love Britney and we don't want anything bad happening to her, but as a parent, sibling, relative, friend you can only do too much to help a person that is sick, but you reach a point where you just have to let them live their life and make their choices. Let that person understand their problem, help them to grow and take care of their illness in a mature and responsible way. I mean, they sure can protect her kids by taking them away from her, as they had already done before the cship anyways. As far as I know there wasn't any incident that put the kids in danger except for the ACCIDENTS that were captured on camera (that weren't because of any mental illness), and locking herself in the bathroom. What I mean is, she is either too sick, or she isn't. She can't be in the middle. An extremely ill person needs to be locked up in a place where they're being monitored by doctors and experts. You can't just give them a magic pill that works for a period of time and make them tour the world, but don't give them a phone because their poor minds can't handle the internet or talking with strangers. We've never heard of any team of doctors and psychiatrists traveling with her on tour. Maybe they've been there, but it would be too strange that we never heard of that in all these years. She's able to drive, and even if the bodyguard is behind her on another car, or as a copilot, then she could just drive to wherever she want s and run away from there but she hasn't. What kind of disease is so specific that allows her to do the things we've seen her doing, but at the same time she's not able to make friends or talk to the phone with someone without being monitored. Now, as some people have pointed out, if she has something nowadays, or it's more noticeable today it's been developed AFTER the cship. If she was so sick since the beginning, not only it would've shown in For the Record, but the cship would've been permanent since the beginning and not temporary as it was at first. They wouldn't have allowed her to leave from 5150 hold so fast either, in what was clearly her worst episode. Her father won't be here forever, what's the plan when he passes away? His death doesn't dissolve the cship automatically, they would have to place a new conservator. Her mother, her brother, JL? One of her sons (they'll probably be adults by then)? How many years can we expect her to live, 80-something, 90? Are we really expecting her to be under a conservatorship for 60-ish more years? What kind of life is that gonna be? The bottom line remains the same: she doesn't meet the requirements to be under a conservatorship, because whatever mental illness she has doesn't prevent her from providing herself food, clothes or shelter.
  3. She doesn't emphasizes the "ya" and kinda mixes it with the "see", but there's no "I'm" or "I am" at any moment. Look at the video in full screen and see her mouth. To say "I'm" she would've had to open her mouth vertically, but it stays in the same shape connecting the "s" of "guys" with the "s" of "see". She's saying goodbye to the pap. Why would she even say she's free, if she's still under a conservatorship? Should we close this thread then? And the paparazzi doesn't even say "hell yeah" he says "oh yeah", responding to her "see ya".
  4. well, if you also used your EYES you'd see there's no way she's saying "I'm" or "I am" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7045371/Britney-Spears-appears-high-spirits-flaunts-toned-stomach-errands-run-LA.html and if your ears worked properly you'd notice there's not "fr-" sound either
  5. yesterday? but before that, we've seen her on some of the previous candids, but just in pictures. Before that was the infamous January pic
  6. I haven't been here today either lol but I did see someone posting about it yesterday I think :P
  7. I don't know what video you're watching, but she doesn't even open her mouth after "I love you guys" until the pap tells her "we love you back" and she mumbles something like "really" or "thanks" This video is more clear: https://theblast.com/britney-spears-loves-fans-performing/
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