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  1. Maybe to you, but it’s time to let it go and move on.
  2. Why all the hate? Yeah guys let’s spread more hate in the world by putting down a person. Just because she said something 10 years ago doesn’t mean she still stands behind it. Hasn’t everybody in this world said something that they regretted later? Yeah, that’s life. Get over it. She makes good, fun and danceable music so I’m def here for it. Go Camila!
  3. She is a amazing entertainer, singer and dancer. I’ve been to one of her shows before few years ago and it was truly fantastic. I’m not really into her current music. I liked her better when she was making music that’s fun and not so political. I think pop music should be fun and not serious or touch political matters. For that reason alone, she should leave those topics to people who actually live a hard life and know how it feels. She’s been overrated since Lemonade and trying too hard to stay relevant.
  4. I mean... it’s America, it’s Hollywood... it’s all a facade. She never seemed real to me anyway.
  5. Dramatic! Even though it’s a tie with Strangest Love.
  6. I’ve been here since 2013. I come here for entertainment purposes only. I don’t like getting into pointless discussions with people on the internet. Still love the forum though.
  7. I don’t think sales define the quality of the music. I listened to it and it’s rather forgetful and boring imo.
  8. I loved them when Lisa was still alive and in the group. I listened to some of their new stuff but can’t really get into that. My fave songs: Waterfalls, Unpretty, I Miss You So Much and Creep.
  9. I don’t really care for the Kardashians, but I wish them all the best and may Kanye get the medical treatment he needs and deserves.
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