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  1. Britney has stated she is a perfectionist so maybe the album was taking way too long to sound the way Britney intended it to, and her team said they would fix everything around leaving Britney in the dark about having Myah record some of the vocals in Britney's place? And Myah denying would also prove that they don't want it to "leak" that Britney's vocals are not the primary and lead ones.
  2. Freakshow Toy Soldier Soda Pop I'll Never Stop Loving You What You See Is What You Get Before the Goodbye Til It's Gone Now That I Found You Kill the Lights Just Like Me Showdown Shadow Liar
  3. Where have all these solo versions been coming from? Enjoying them so much!!
  4. I don't listen to much mainstream music besides Britney and Kelly Clarkson, but I have iTunes Music and they suggested the new Dua Lipa album. I really love her lower register and husky sounding voice. Do you think Britney would do an album like Dua's? I realize Glory is a little bit since it has a lot of different genre's. But I wish Britney would use more of her deeper register.
  5. Love this version! And the chorus I didn't know she had those other vocals on. Thanks for posting can't wait for the whole album!
  6. racooney with the eyes doesn't look bad in that photo compared to others. Maybe it's the lighting? She looks so good and young
  7. And to all those people who say Cathy Dennis sang the chorus.......
  8. I was worried when there haven't been any Samney photos, but glad there's a new one! They both look amazing, but I can't get the Zayn comparision out of my head whenever I see Sam. Thanks Buzzfeed
  9. Also, maybe Mariah's summer leg takes place during the break of POM? Also, Britney never plays dirty, even when other people have screwed her over. Creating drama because Mariah's NYE incident is over and looking for something new to talk about.......
  10. But she was always posting fitness type videos of her doing headstands. But I agree, she does seem to match the style of whomever she dates. I
  11. I remember all this and was terrified to watch the news, afraid Britney unfortunate passing would be the headline I'm so proud she has been able to move past this and live her life with her two adorable kids. Who cares about single #3, healthy And happy Britney is all the music I need long live the queen....... Britney Spears!!!!
  12. It might make people appreciate Her more after seeing what she went through?
  13. Maybe bc there's no pressure to stay on the top. She's already proven what a force she is. I think she's found the right mix of working and family now. This is what makes me happy for her.
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