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  1. I hated this song but liked Beautiful Trauma... And it's like normalizing guns - I get why it was scrapped but the whole shooting/editing just to scrap i-
  2. Ok I guess my first topic here is burning down and everyone hate Nicki Anyway, I'll keep enjoy Pink Friday as the weekend begins
  3. I don't consider myself a barb/stan but Nicki literally had back to back #1s and Trollz was pure sales so you can't really say over... And I highly doubt she's homophobic, she literally has an alter ego Roman which is gay and a large percentage of the barbz are black gay men plus pretty sure most of her glam team are queer people so...
  4. I feel like my expectations for SZA's sophomore album is even higher than Rihanna's next one
  5. It's one of the albums I feel I could listen front to back in the upcoming years... Like SZA's CTRL, Kacy Musgrave's Golden Hour... I wish she'll get a nom
  6. I think back in the day it would've been a bad idea due to the comparison... Now pop Gaga is back with Chromatica and Nicki is claiming number ones and her flow is strong Nobody's agree but I can really see this collab being iconic
  7. I never understood why people hate famous people they don't know anything about besides the media... The music is good, her flow is unique, she's colorful, confident and fun and Gaga as well... Speard love
  8. Also Taylor Swift She literally one of the reasons Super Bass blew up and they did perform together to squash a media beef a few years ago 👀
  9. After Nicki Minaj teased Pink Friday 2, I started listening to Pink Friday and it's truly iconic and her flow on it is impeccable. It got me thinking that she neesd to collaborate with Lady Gaga ASAP! She literally collabed with every main musical act: Britney, Christina, Madonna, Katy, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ariana, Mariah, Avril, Alicia Keys, Ciara, Fergie, Drake, Eminem, Bieber, Chris Brown, Kanye, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, Will.i.am, David Guetta, Usher and many more hip-hop & pop acts including Cardi, Trina, Foxy, Megan & Doja. How come she hasn't collaborated with Gaga? Maybe because the media tried to compare their unique style in the past? It's been a decade - we need a 911/Alice/Plastic Doll remix with the Queen! Do you agree? Is there an icon she hasn't collabed with (Adele ?) Related:
  10. I usually hate acoustic versions but something about this one works so well! The new background vocals production amazes me... On repeat
  11. There are so many real life want to kill homophobic and racicst people in the world and in America, I don't get why cancel culture became the new meme... I truly enjoy her art and music
  12. Why is she focusing on Stormy Weather & Hopscoth when she have LINK UP on her album... Songs For You is one of the best albums of the past year
  13. I just wish that now with the barbz understanding charts formula she'll have a solo #1 first single with NM5... She IS the queen and her flow is legendary
  14. Her 2008 "Unexpected" album is a masterpiece and still fresh for me on 2020, it's sad that see didn't see any proper success with it... #JusticForTheGreatest
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