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  1. Wow the twist at the end... Her mind You can say anything about Gaga but she will deliver a VISUAL!
  2. What in the Cersei & Jaime Lannister is going on on this day? The hetros makes me tired
  3. Not The End Of The World is on repeat since it's dropped This makes me so sad... She really doesn't deserve this it's doesn't make any sense
  4. Her growth and versatility is amazing! My top: -Crazy In Love (the gay anthem on every straight wedding) -Upgrade U (bars on barsss - her flow) -Diva (remind me of my teen years when I started getting interested in pop cloture, loved this era) Unpopular opinion - I hate hate hate Single Ladies & Love On Top
  5. SZA is back! I wasn't ready I just love her... If you haven't Ctrl, just stop everything and go listen, a BODY OF WORK
  6. I'm dead! I gave the remix album a shot during my last workout but honestly I felt like it was me trying to do mashups 10 years ago hence this thread I liked the Hollaback sample and here and there moments but it was honestly boring and I'm such a positive person
  7. If it's animated throw it to the trash! If it's high budget pure crazy Gaga then yes!
  8. Invasion of Privacy is full of bops but I'va been having lately a moment with Pink Friday It's truly perfection! Roman's Revenge is so crazy and good
  9. I think this is a discussion for 5+ years from now. Nicki is THE QUEEN OF RAP. She has iconic verses, mainstream hits, hard bangers, albumS in plural, her impact is beyond on the female game, her looks, her pen, her flow. Cardi is amazing, unique but still in her beginning - I loved her album, her flow is fun and aggressive, her streaming game is strong but she still has a lot to grow as a rapper
  10. Oh my god I was just listening randomly to Romance today After awhile not listening to it I feel like it got the potential but the songs arrangements and the weird rollout of the singles kinda messed up the era I believe with Havana & Seniorita in her belt she really need to focus on been honset and raw with her 3rd album
  11. I'm here for it! Songs For You: Reloaded with collabs, the released remixes and Superstar (Rascal) on Apple Music immediately
  12. Really wanted to like everything but the remix is not clicking for me - the beat doesn't change at the chorus and I'm not feeling the Madonna's 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' It should've been an iconic trio but I guess the pandemic is too strong no Madonna on the music video, Missy tried by shooting by herself...
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