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  1. Great recap! one little correction, the story about Britney checking herself into the mental health center was actually in April, but at that point we weren't seeing her since January
  2. I've wondered about that too. Many of us didn't buy the whole "Domination is cancelled because Jamie is sick" strange narrative. and we stopped seeing her for about three months. but without the voicemail, I don't think the whole movement would have started.
  3. Maybe he means her children are dangerous people and maybe that's why Jamie tried to beat up Preston makes sense
  4. Yes. It wasn't exactly the same shirt, it was a different top, but videos and pictures with that outfit were posted on her instagram before and after the "at the lgbt community" video, but those videos with the yellow outfit weren't posted on tiktok. So, the next video Tiktok sees after the lgbt video and after the "wear the yellow shirt" comment is the one with blinding lights BUT we can't claim that Britney doesn't have access to her phone and then claim that she reads tiktok comments. That's why I thought that maybe somebody who read the comment told her to wear yellow, maybe her boyfriend or... Jody? idk. Another Britney mystery to add to the list.
  5. It's not the first time she wears a yellow shirt, and she doesn't read comments on her social media. Unless, somebody who reads the comments and is close to her (let's say her boyfriend), told her to wear a yellow shirt so this theory could spread? idk I'm down for the theory to become viral anyway, whatever brings exposure to the Free Britney movement
  6. I'm still not on board with the yellow shirt theory but I love the exposure
  7. imagine building a sandcastle with Britney Jean Spears that little girl probably has no idea
  8. Btw, Tinashe commented a "👑" The rest of the comments... well, the same as usual
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