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  1. I love Katy but this album is awful. She’s not the artist to release a quarantine album even with all the promo she’s done. She needs a BIG song and a big award show or something to premiere it. Harleys in Hawaii is still a bop and shoulda been a hit but like this song is so old now. The album is 30 minutes of boring mixed with 2 good songs that are a year old. poor girl.
  2. Surprised Gaga wouldn't get it this year with her performing already and all but agree Xtina should get it before her. Surprised even Rihanna got it before Xtina. I don't love every gaga song but her videos are always decent, though I really hate the rain on me video and think its trash but i'm literally the only one who thinks that lol
  3. So I’m randomly listening to Britney Jean, and it’s honestly not as terrible as I remember, but like more obvious that so much isn’t actually her which made me think, what the **** did will.i.am experience when working with her? He’s probably the closest public figure to have gotten to her in the past decade and “produced” a whole album for her, and then sat with her during that god awful interview where she was not there. I’m curious what his thoughts are about the Free Britney movement. Every since Bryan did that interview I’m certain this situation isn’t good for her. I’m not even saying she should have help and guidance over things, I’m just certain her ******* family has no idea what their doing and her father/brother are just living off Brit. At least JLS got a job and worked... anywho should we spam will.i.am’s socials?
  4. I could be totally wrong and I’m sure Taylor didn’t help but I feel like they delayed do to his personal issues right now and not as much about Taylor. They don’t really compete against each other. I would listen to both.
  5. In the US it was the top selling album of 2019. Here you go! https://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2020/01/16/taylor-swift-bts-and-billie-eilish-the-10-bestselling-albums-in-the-us-in-2019/#2a99c5d22c99
  6. Yeah let's not underestimate Taylor Swift people! Lover wasn't that great but still was the top selling album of laster year in album sales. People are excited for this and during a time when people aren't releasing music and movies aren't coming out, we're going to eat this up!
  7. Tbh I work in PR and have thought about this many times. If Britney Spears calls someone then they’re writing it ASAP, she could easily do this if not her own phone someone else’s , it’s really not that hard. I find it hard to believe Sam, her brother, her mother, and her sister are all sitting idly by while this is all happening. However, her team has never commented on Free Britney, besides Larry a little bit and I think they should make a statement and set things straight instead of letting these rumors run out of control. Everything we know is speculation and tbh her situation could be quite dire and if it was I think they should comment so we wouldn’t be prying into her personal life so much. I find it uneasy that we’re all spending so much time looking into her personal life and mental health. This girl just deserves the privacy she was stripped of at 16 years old. She can share what she wants to share even if that is just her spinning around. But until there is some clarity on her situation then all we are going to do is speculate and I will support the Free Britney movement because if something fishy were going on I’d hate to not had a part in helping end that, but I do feel like we created a narrative and situation that might not be there.
  8. I think the albums are great minus BJ but there is no promo around any of them so nothing to really remember them by. The FF performances were really bad, BJ I don’t think there was anything besides from POM and Glory had some great comeback performances but nothing to tie a campaign together. Her personality no longer shines through and that was a big draw for her in the beginning and she’s so sheltered now. There is such an elusiveness to her and what she went through and so much mystery that I think there is still a chance to come back with something really big but it would have to be done properly and I feel like her team, the past couple albums, only have done the bare minimum and it’s not enough. i loved the circus era btw, but a lot of the success was because it was the comeback but in terms of videos, tour, and the few performances i think it was gold. That was the first time it was noticeable how distant she became though. After for the record it’s only be vanilla candles and toxic is my favorite song kind of answers and questions.
  9. Who cares? Her fans like it and she got 2 top ten hits and a number 1 album.
  10. Time we stop caring about iTunes. After Mood Ring, it clearly doesn't mean much lol
  11. Let’s stop fat shaming people. A whole post about how someone’s ex gained weight? Gaga would be ashamed.
  12. No this interview sucks. Why bother doing this interview? It is useless. Won’t create any news. She seemed super awkward as usual. If she was an artist who debuted this year she would flop so hard. I’ve been following her, on this site specifically, since 2006. She’s come so far but like if you don’t want to do this anymore save us the pain and torture of interviews like this. I’d rather she just enjoy life and move on.
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