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  1. TMZ isn’t a news source let’s just clear this up. It’s nothing but a gossip blog.
  2. Oh i clearly didn't read any other comment as i see this has been covered lol
  3. Maybe im wrong but i dont think the phrase Free Britney could never be trademarked. Trademarks need to relate to something commercial which this phrase is not. Also, becasue it reference Britney, so obviously, it would need her approval, and in this sitation that would be her conservators, who are unlikely to do that haha.
  4. Taking these articles with a grain of salt but it is weird these retirement rumors popped up with Larry of all people first and gained some merit with FreeBritney. It doesn't seem too implausible. If this is what she wants then i think that would be good for her. She has lost so much precious time with her kids and i think she has worked hard enough to do that. Of course I'd want ONE LAST album but it would have to be released very strategically, they have a lot of brand rebuilding to do to get the success she deserves and is that work worth it anymore? Probably not. What I DO want is that book she promised us, telling her side of the story, celebrating her accomplishments and then she can throw in the towel. No one can take away her accomplishments, fame, or impact but with anymore releases like Britney Jean and even Glory its going to look like she is washed up.
  5. She recorded this during glory where she seemed to be pretty involved and she didn’t include it on the album so I think it’s safe to assume she didn’t want to release this. That’s not what boycotting means actually, it doesn’t have to be everything. You are right she is making money from streams and such but that is all stuff she put out and wanted to put out. This release surely won’t be a big success regardless. It’s an old song so do what you want, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable supporting it when one day ago her lawyer told the world she wasn’t working because of her father and now we’re supposed to support a song her father had a hand in releasing most likely against her knowledge.
  6. Didn't read what anyone else said so sorry if this is repetitive but we honestly should NOT buy this when it comes out. One day ago, Britney's lawyer confirmed that she is boycotting working until her father is removed from her conservatorship, and the next day an unreleased single is being released. Do you guys think Brit approved this? Do you think she even knows its coming out? I doubt she even knew Mood Ring came out. This is a way for them to release music without her consent because they don't need it. It's already been recording and the record company owns it and her team can consent to anything for her basically without her even knowing. I know its exciting but this isn't the new britney music we should want. If we are really fighting to Free Britney we need to boycott the song and prove to the courts that the people in charge of her are not in her best interest and are detrimental to her career. Imagine how good its going to feel when she gets her wishes with her conservatorship, goes into the studio to create the music SHE WANTS to make and releases it? Let's not get distracted by her team's greediness. Thank you.
  7. I love Katy but this album is awful. She’s not the artist to release a quarantine album even with all the promo she’s done. She needs a BIG song and a big award show or something to premiere it. Harleys in Hawaii is still a bop and shoulda been a hit but like this song is so old now. The album is 30 minutes of boring mixed with 2 good songs that are a year old. poor girl.
  8. Surprised Gaga wouldn't get it this year with her performing already and all but agree Xtina should get it before her. Surprised even Rihanna got it before Xtina. I don't love every gaga song but her videos are always decent, though I really hate the rain on me video and think its trash but i'm literally the only one who thinks that lol
  9. So I’m randomly listening to Britney Jean, and it’s honestly not as terrible as I remember, but like more obvious that so much isn’t actually her which made me think, what the **** did will.i.am experience when working with her? He’s probably the closest public figure to have gotten to her in the past decade and “produced” a whole album for her, and then sat with her during that god awful interview where she was not there. I’m curious what his thoughts are about the Free Britney movement. Every since Bryan did that interview I’m certain this situation isn’t good for her. I’m not even saying she should have help and guidance over things, I’m just certain her ******* family has no idea what their doing and her father/brother are just living off Brit. At least JLS got a job and worked... anywho should we spam will.i.am’s socials?
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