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  1. I'm scared for the future of exhale when I read these Owens and MAGA fanboys. How did y'all find your way in here. Stay out of POP music if you don't like the views of all the artists ffs. I don't think I have to tell you what theses ideas are. I don't even know where to beging debunking all these lies and conspiracies spread by right wing nut jobs. Y'all in here with mostly LGBTQ people and have the audacity liking Owens and right wing ideas. It's insulting af I just hope no one listens to you. ffs..."he had his knee on his neck to free his airways" Someone help us all...I can't...I'm logging of for today
  2. ooh I love confident tops....laaaaawd help me I'm dripping right now
  3. That not even the judge is capable to see how ridiculous all of this is. They are talking about a grown woman like she' a **** company. Pathetic human beings. God pls set her free
  4. Yeah OK but weren't they supposed to release the album a few months after react a year ago? Did they just press delete on all of the songs they already recorded
  5. Instantly....I'd take whatever his name is cause mine is just **** af and I always have to spell it to others...all the freakin time and then I have to teach them how to pronounce it. Gurl this is so **** exhausting and I'm done with it
  6. Sooooo the song is.....boring. Nothing special and there is no excitement to listen to it a few more times. It's just flat. I'm curious to know what they thought when they were standing in the studio and recording it...like did no one have the balls to say: hey stop...this song is trash Swimming in the stars is muuuuuch better.
  7. OMG now this will be the best X-Mas despite this Corona *****. So many mediocre songs and albums came out I can't. We need Britney back.
  8. I don't understand ha....this 80s Comeback Trend would have been soooo much better for her. Don't know what she's doing. Sis get your **** together
  9. Am I the only one who read sweatpants, clicked and expected a lot of pics of Jordan in light grey sweatpants...I mean...like a lot Eeeeheem what were we talking about? Aaaaa yes the sweatpants....they look good Next time light grey option pls...and a whole photoshoot and marketing campaign for them...k thx bye
  10. I love his new remixes. He's doing a really good job with these hits and doing them justice. Hope he'll do a lot more in the future. Can't wait for this one here...the original is bad quality for today standards and I really need bass in my songs
  11. Agreed with the first part but don't drag Cardi pls. She's a good human being and cares about others. Thx bye
  12. OOOOMG I missed the Singing Nicki Minaj...hope this is what we can expect from her new album. I love it. But this song could have needed more of her voice.
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