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  1. In Italy we're tasting life again. But in some regions not still. Anyway we've crossed it. Finally. Luck and love everybody. Be safe. Stay clean.
  2. Why the hell?!? They should leak bill Gates documents, proove his plans for a NWO and stuff like That instead of violate citizens prophiles. Do the right thing Anonymous! WE NEED YOU
  3. #justiceforphonography 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
  4. Me! Italian people don't praise her as much as she deservers. Welcome anyway!
  5. Feel almost the same. I find it so generic, really I don't understand all this success. Stream MOOD RING INSTEAD!
  6. Honestly, should be the official! 👏
  7. We Obviously better than her team!!! Anyway if I'd be them I would pay people to react on utube and to dance it On tiktok. And today I'd be Releasing a lyric video, while tomorrow the official one. In the beginning she getting ready to face her day looking in the mirror, many old tvs behind her with her videos, on the frase which role should i take. Then she undresses and reach Sam in the bath alreadyt filled with soap bubbles. They kiss and then she carries him to bed, when he falls asleep she goes out of her house for dancing, dressed as a sexy witch and she does a coreography on the final of the song ❤🍾
  8. For those of u who have tiktok I did a post promoting moodring... Go and like It! @omegazet is my Name there. And Facebook and Instagram Stories. Im promoting more than her team. 🤣
  9. Anyway team B better be smart... Release an OFFICIAL VIDEO on Monday. Rush!!! That alone would increase sales
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