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Everything posted by watermelonbubblegum

  1. I will never understand why people do those things to themselves but to each their own
  2. That she's supposed to be a real artist and actually sing at least
  3. It is painful to see other artists cover her songs when she doesn't even bother to sing one line live in her shows or anywhere
  4. It's all in her hands. Does she want to? I don't think so. Does she care at all? nope either.
  5. How can we know? Maybe yes, maybe not Time will tell I, personally, don't get cool vibes from him, but that's just my perception of him, who knows how is he in real life. I wish them happiness though
  6. Happy Birthday Queen, I hope she sings happy birthday to herself too and puts it on Instagram
  7. Yep Her original features were everything. She's still beautiful, but nothing will compare to the original "britney face". Today she has good pictures and looks and bad ones, like any other mortal
  8. She was forced to mantain that image of her being pure and innocent, she was young and naive and the press were pathetic and utterly rude. That was her personal life, and one of the reasons she's the way she is now as a grown woman
  9. that would be the point of doing a greatest hits show in Vegas: iconic outfits, iconic choreos, iconic hits but ya know, Britney's team and Brit haself ... It just didn't work I guess
  10. Another collab and Max Martin... If true, not here for it (even tho I'll praise it if its a big hit and I'll always support ha ) But gurl, take risks, find new and fresh producers, do something different and edgy for once. She used to
  11. Things and opinions change when we see them from the future lol at that point Criminal was "different". But yeah, you spoke the truth. Inside Out deserved a video.
  12. She seems like a nice girl but what the ****
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