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  1. u guys are so fucking dramatic. mentally shes not 21 anymore and shes stated many times she doesn't like interviews not to mention her anxiety issues. "but! the breakdown changed her!" no fuckheads she grew up, isn't comfortable speaking infront of the camera and is probably sick of people referring to that period in her life burn.gif

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  2. aside from the obvious, this is just life making its impact. i think the stress from her career/personal life & her bad habits have taken a toll on her, its called living life. some age better than others, so what? shes still gorgeous make up free & when she lets the professionals in it just enhances her beauty. you all need to get over it seriously its tragic that u guys are so concerned with how she looks :brityawning:

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  3. 10 minutes ago, falka said:

    You cannot blame anyone for actions of sibling or other members of family... :xcuseme:

     She could believe in his innocence and some of U peeps act like She was his accomplice.

    But in that background her cover is really just wonky. I'm not a fan (maybe 1 or 2 songs I like) but girl was working hard on her career, don't take it from her, cuz of some perv. :ineedthetruth:

    It's not her fault. 

    it wasnt "some perv" it was her brother. considering she posted his bail and continues to stand by him despite  glaring evidence against him i think a few posts calling her trash arent as bad as how she has behaved about the whole situation :whitney: brother or not the fact is he raped a CHILD. there is no excuse for that. ever.

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  4. 3 hours ago, everybodygoesdown said:

    I think this performance was about her thinking that everybody thinks she CAN'T sing live, not that she doesn't WANT to.

    So she was like "okay I'll prove for once and for all I can sing live" I just don't want to 99% of the time.


    3 hours ago, everybodygoesdown said:

    "The people who made her happen" is Britney herself. She's worked hard and good to be where she's at right now.

    We were just lucky enough to witness it for 18 fucking amazing years you smug ass


    3 hours ago, everybodygoesdown said:

    I think she was just trolling in the interview. She was probably bored and thought let's stir some sh!t up.

    the secondhand embarrassment is real


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