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  1. 22 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Did you watch the album teaser? There's country influences but it sounds very rhythmic and groovy.

    just watched it, didnt get a chance to earlier. im really interested to hear what hes been working on! i seriously loathe country music, its the one genre i just cant get into so when i heard that was the direction he was going in i was a bit meh about it but after hearing the little snippets im looking forward to it more, should've known better tho jt always brings it

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  2. these performances weren't great though. to me it just looked like every other pom performance but with great hair/makeup, slightly elevated energy & that classic britney attitude she used to serve. other than that they were poor performances with the lip syncing being the least worrying :ehum:

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  3. she looks fantastic. performances were nothing to shout about but this is the first time in a long time she looks like the britney i grew up with (and no im not talking about her laying off the "fun stuff"). she has that expression & fire in her eyes. all she needs is more rehearsals & better choreo, hopefully she kicks those horrible habits she has picked up too.

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  4. On 27/12/2017 at 4:52 AM, ralphynno said:

    I don't think it's fair to say that when Blackout is so different from everything that was being done in '07, and then glory shows such a mature and different Britney :lemmetellu:

    blackout is similar to music created by jt with fs/ls which was 06, a great album but it didnt change music it only contributed to increasing the popularity of that style of music. 

    glory is not a mature album. slumber parties, clubbing? things britney obviously does not partake in. she hasnt grown in her music shes still trying to portray an image of someone that isnt her anymore, u only have to look at her instagram to see that. 

  5. to begin with it was good for her because she did come across more confident but as its been dragging on the last couple years its made her extremely lazy in all aspects of her career. she is way to comfortable and needs that drive & competition back to bring the performer/artist we know & love. she has become extremely predictable. every era has the same outcome, she repeats the same answers in interviews every year, something is eventually scrapped, nothing is visually pleasing anymore & she hasn't evolved musically since 03. britney unfortunately, is just boring now.

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  6. sure she could sing about other stuff but no one listens to britney for a lecture, they listen cuz its fun easy listening. i think she would be taken more seriously & people would probably be more interested in what shes doing if she dropped this stale "sex kitten" image she has and rather than relying on sex appeal to sell records (which has been failing for years now) how about using her actual talents like singing & dancing? :sneer:

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  7. 2 minutes ago, HoneyStyle said:

    It's really sad that we as Britney fans excuse everrryyyything for her. Man... I miss the old days. It's one thing to be makeup free, dress comfy etc but it's another when you can clearly see she doesn't care about herself. I used to make excuses, even liked how she just did what she wanted and dressed how she wanted but she looks awful, just awful and there's no excusing it anymore. She doesn't even look effin clean.

    why is it your concern? its not like she is in her professional setting, if she wants to look a hot mess let her, i do agree to a certain extent for example when she is on stage she should be styled professionally but this was just her going out with her bf & sons, she doesn't need to dress to please her fans in this instance.

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