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  1. 4 hours ago, P'NutButterney said:

    That's more time than most modern artists have to put a show together. 

    The truth is Britney doesn't really give a sh!t about her career, she has her team book these things as a means to make money... and that's it. :overitkbye:

    most modern shows aren't a big spectacle like they used to be imo so i can see why it would take less than 6 months to organise. but i agree nonetheless

    2 hours ago, Catalin said:

    You think she performs like crap,yet you still want to go? :orangu:


    she hasn't been here in years, i've never seen her live, i doubt she will come here often enough for me to see her and its not like im expecting prime level performances so why put it off? 

    i'll repeat it for u since u missed it the last time, there is more to a live show especially with a performer like britney where there is more going on than just her performance. yeah she might halfass the entire show but the atmosphere, hearing the hits "live", the production & the excitement of seeing britney will make it a more enjoyable experience than sitting on a computer watching a youtube video which fans (including myself) will pick at all the moments britney fucks up the choreo, bends her knee or plays with her hair. its unlikely i will notice all that crap during the show

    17 minutes ago, chanse84 said:

    Love your truthful positivity. I would see her if she were going to be closer.  I love the whole theatrics of a Britney concert, not to mention her presence....


    FFT was hated by many but I still loved it. Theme...story...pyrotechnics...her...

    equaled a great experience for me at least. :sendinglove:

    yeah exactly. i dislike the pom show but from experience with other live shows ive been to, there is a difference between attending and watching a clip on youtube. there's so many factors that make it all the more enjoyable :yaknow:

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  2. they cant create an ENTIRELY new show in less than 6 months. yes they could implement changes in costume or add a new routine but its team britney, its probably not gonna happen. im still excited for the chance to see her though regardless of whether she performs like crap. there are so many other elements of a live show that will make it a great experience :mhm:

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  3. the whole point of releasing slave was to shake off the bubblegum pop image she had. while the album was a bit safer as a whole, tracks like boys, slave & some of the lyrical content allowed her to progress and mature into a more grown up artist. releasing bombastic love would've been a major mistake not just because its a trash song but she would've been classed as a one trick pony.

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  4. i get being disappointed but its not like u are being forced to support her career. if u aren't happy with the music dont listen to it, if u dislike the show she puts on dont buy a ticket, its very simple. some of u are way to invested in britney, her lack of motivation for her career shouldn't affect u guys as much as it does and these "i have been a fan for 17 years!" threads are kinda pathetic. britney is still gonna sign on the dotted line for 2019, halfass her shows, make as much money as possible all while not giving a damn and u guys will continue to complain about it on her forum. her career is not her priority anymore, she doesn't care so why should you? 

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  5. 1 minute ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Exactly. Honestly, I don’t mind the residency as long as she isn’t a fucking mess herself. That’s the main issue here. She can have her stability and comfort doing Vegas but the least she can do is put more effort into her career, performances and music. :flawlessbye:

    fans are quick to blame vegas for stunting her career overall but the only person to blame really is britney. if she doesn't have the motivation for her career then what else are we expecting other than mediocre performances and music that is just meh?

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  6. i dont even care if she does another residency as long as she makes great music again, puts effort into her performances and starts delivering great visuals throughout eras. im so sick of this same repetitive cycle of scrapped material, the same questions in interviews with everything being "cool", shitty choreo, "eras" ending after 2 singles because she cant be arsed promoting her music and collabing with mediocre artists/producers who attempt to give her hits that are a year out of date. i completely understand her reasons for doing vegas but i would like her to show a bit more enthusiasm for her music this time around & i hope this year out of vegas is for that purpose, i dont think thats too much to ask of britney spears, singer/entertainer :britdrown:

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  7. i actually love this version of the song (i seem to be in the minority though :quirkney:). its catchy and its fun, i thought the one they released was a complete snoozefest and although it sounds unfinished i thought romeo(i think thats his name?) did a better job on the track than whoever is on the released version.