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  1. funny that u made this thread when u always complain about her lips not to mention your s--t thread about her "mouth lines". at least the ones complaining about the photoshop are saying so bc she doesn't need that much editing, we've seen the clips/bts pics and she looks gorgeous

    yall can drag her for her "botched" face all day long and no one says a word but even utter a complaint about the editing on these images and all hell breaks loose, hypocrisy at its finest :rlynow:


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  2. considering she dressed as a "racy catholic schoolgirl" at 16 it would be safe to assume the industry took advantage of britney, it would be delusional to think otherwise also:


    "It was in the wrong key," Steve Lunt, an A&R executive for Jive, told Seabrook.

    Yet there was one thing that immediately hit the exec and told him to take Spears seriously.

    "Britney was trying to sing like Toni Braxton, which was way too low for her. It sounded pretty awful in places," he said. "But when her voice went up high, you could hear the girlish quality, and there was something really appealing about that."

    According to Lunt, Spears' demo was accompanied with photos showing a "cute all-American teen in pigtails, sitting on a ramshackle wooden porch in Kentwood [Louisiana], and playing with her dog on the lawn.

    "I said, 'This is something we should look at seriously," Lunt recalled.

    Spears, wearing a mid-thigh sundress, sang two Whitney Houston songs a cappella for the entire Jive A&R department and Clive Calder, who had recently expanded Jive's success by signing teen-pop boy bands Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

    "Her eyes were rolling back in her head as she was singing and I remember thinking to myself, 'That is really weird but it's going to look great on video,'" Lunt said.

    "It was old-school church meets modern-day sex."


    no wonder she doesn't want her kids going into the music industry :rlynow:

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Sil said:

    We have no idea if she is ok with it! All we know if that she HAS TO, liking it or not.

    Britney is a (healthy) rebel since ever. I doubt she likes to have her dad as her boss at 35 yo...

    i can't even believe im saying this but i have to agree with really cool guy. we don't know that she's unhappy with the arrangements either but considering shes in the best shape mentally & physically and as an outsider looking in, her life seems to have improved considerably since the c-ship has been put in place, i would assume britney is happy with the arrangement. it works for everyone and if there was an issue she would have the right to argue against it, shes not a prisoner

  4. 4 hours ago, MakeMeFweaky said:

    We don’t See her do anything lately besides go to the beach did her team pay the paps to leave her alone?

    they didn't need to pay, she just isn't a hot topic celebrity anymore. also not every pap she encountered was "unexpected", its a common publicity tactic to inform media where a celeb will appear for some inexpensive promo


    in regards to thread topic; :ohreallylol:

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  5. how can we forget when its brought up every time someone drags her? she delivers a horrible performance and her fans instantly jump on the victim bandwagon and use the "breakdown" as an excuse for the fact she was just lazy as f**k.

    we also conveniently forget that britney herself encouraged the media attention even to the point she was dating a pap (adnan) back in 07. the media said some horrible things but britney was no angel either, she did dumb s--t and that was made international news. if she focused on herself & her kids rather than partying all night with paris maybe the media wouldn't have been so hard on her.

    anyway idg why this keeps getting brought up when its been over a decade since it all went down and britney has thankfully got her life back on track. im so over this "britney is a prisoner" mentality you all have, she addressed what happened in ftr, she admitted she was being stupid "what the hell was i thinking?" etc.

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