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  1. i'm not defending the app but if you have any sort of device especially apple or android then it already tracks this info
  2. I haven't listened to either of them in full but they can't be worse than Sweetener since its easily one of the most over hyped pop albums i've listened to, it has almost no replay value
  3. I dislike how lazy the industry is now especially pop music. everything is so easily accessible that music isn't really a hard hitting event for me anymore. sure i like some new artists but I haven't really came across anyone that i've been super into what they're doing because it feels like all artists follow the same promo schedule; drop a single/video>album>tour and repeat. also, i don't pay any mind to charts anymore but one thing i noticed is that it seems like there is little to no variety in the styles of music you see on top 40 music. i'm going to sound like "that person" but it literally all sounds the same to me i do appreciate how easy it is to find new music and discover genres i maybe wouldn't have paid attention to in the past and i also agree with your point about indie artists, most of them are so much more deserving of success than popular "artists" nowadays
  4. Shadow.

    Cats or Dogs?

    Cats, having a dog is essentially like having a child and I dont want or need that level of responsibility right now but I do love them
  5. when fans use 2007/8 as an excuse for her lazyitis and then continue to complain that people victimise her and 'only remember her because she shaved her head one time' hmm I wonder why????? also adding 'ney' onto the end of every word is sooo annoying
  6. I remember the video for can't be tamed premiering and everyone calling her a s.lut and that it was sooo "inappropriate" for a disney star. little did they know what would come after it
  7. I think the best adjective for the show is underwhelming. everything from the stage costumes (which wasn't helped when britney decided to rip most of them apart), the mixing of tracks, awful pitched vocals, britney's overall stage performance, all of it was kinda meh for me and I didn't really find myself checking for the show all that much the revamp in 2016 was nice and i think it was a good platform to get her comfortable on stage again after FF era and provide that stability in her life but i don't think it did a whole lot for her career
  8. I'm not even going to entertain this discussion, my comments were clearly in relation to this THREAD and not at ANY point was I racist. trying to twist words to suit your own narrative isn't cute, its pathetic
  9. I'm fully in support of the movement but this thread serves no purpose but to stir up unnecessary drama, its one thing to share your feelings and opinions but you are calling people racist with no evidence to back it up. if you have an issue take it up with a mod, use the ignore feature or don't login, its literally that simple. I'm so bored of seeing multiple threads of users "calling people out" without naming names and the constant desperate attempts to create drama, and I say that as someone who has seen and admittedly taken part in their fair share of "dramas". if you have the balls to make a thread then surely you have the balls to say it to their face?
  10. isn't it ironic that a country that prides itself on being innovative and ahead of the game is so backwards when it comes to race? the fact that racism especially towards the black community is such a big problem in 2020 is astounding
  11. I don't think a household name like britney spears will ever be "over". but britney herself has been over it since back in 03. check this quote from blender magazine if the artist isn't passionate then neither will the audience you are trying to target. her team can only ride on the coattails of her prime for so long, I just hope that if britney does release another album that its something she wants to do and doesn't HAVE to do
  12. everyone is entitled to their opinion but you actually LIKE i feel so free with you?
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