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  1. I wish more news outlets would report on the evidence from the two girls instead of what Jamie or tmz is saying. Guess everyone on bpayroll.
  2. Glad they're going to talk about the upcoming court date. if you wanna report Britney's court ordered laywer: https://apps.calbar.ca.gov/complaint/standard/index https://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/LicenseeSearch/QuickSearch?FreeText=Samuel+D.+Ingham&SoundsLike=false
  3. He needs to get his license revoked. Let's all report him. https://apps.calbar.ca.gov/complaint/standard/index Get to it
  4. This. They cancelled the residency for a reason, not because Britney wanted "me time."
  5. They're really trying to pass her off as some looney aren't they so they could extend the cship. Maybe wallets resignation caused a court order to revaluate the cship and her father forced her to a mental clinic and released all this press about her weak mental health to keep her locked up in the cship. Smh
  6. "Doctors were trying to find a new combo of meds, but they couldn't get the mixture right and it was doing Britney more harm than good ... to the point she stopped taking them." How is this ok? She's not a science project. What if she gets addicted to all these drugs? Do they even care? The way they talk about this is like they're making a cocktail for her to drink and deciding on which one she likes best. If this is true then the facility is in serious danger of abusing their clients. How is it okay for doctors to do this? What if all the cocktails their making for her doesn't work because SHE ACTUALLY DOESNT HAVE A MENTAL DISORDER TO NEED MEDICINE FOR.
  7. I scream every time you include people's horniness in your summaries. Typical horny exhale members.
  8. I've only read notes that someone left after reading the documents.
  9. You should become a novelist. You're a really good story teller. What I don't get is why didn't they let her film her workout routine over the span of the few months that she was in the mental clinic? Was she really that trapped in there? All I'm saying is that the new video is damage control and not something Britney would have typically recorded while in the mental clinic. Also I didn't realized how red her chest was. It's like she developed an allergic reaction from the meds or something. I also just now realized that Lou now knows what Britney really thinks of her through the emails. I would love to be a fly on their wall when she comes in contact with Britney again. Just imagine how f**king awkward that conversation will be. Sorry B but you did not lie. She is crazy. Thanks for exposing her for us. I still can't believe that they used the emails and Sam L as a excuse to cover their asses. I never thought that I would hear Britney ever talk about Sam L ever again yet team Britney is ready to use his name to cover their sorry asses. The desperation.
  10. He definitely stole money under the table like the others but he bounced because that what Jamie was going to do would get out. All eyes are on Britney. Something Jamie severely underestimated like how he really expected that the original Make Me would never leak. What a tired old fart.
  11. The only reason he would abruptly leave such a steady income is if something shady and illegal was going to go down presumably by Jamie.
  12. I just hate watching Britney being told what to do. It's so obvious at this point. It breaks my heart. Hasn't this poor woman been through enough??