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  1. I also think Britney doesnt know the difference between fans and trolls.
  2. Shes dragging us for talking sh!t about her. Skinny, fat, haggard conspiracy theory, etc. it's funny how shes just now talking about it. either she didn't know or she has more freedom now talk about it. Just wish she gets what she wants once the cship is over.
  3. I'm glad Sam let her drive to show that she's capable to be behind the wheel. That's a big fu to Jamie. Do we love him again?
  4. This tbh. Britney NEVER goes out shopping like this. The place she went shopping at was far from where she lives. She usually shops nearby. It looks like she had the day off. She was also glowing and looked like herself. The reporter seemed surprised when Britney talked with him which makes me think that this outing wasn't planned but I could be wrong.
  5. Doesn't this mean the judge allowed her to regain some control? How would tmz post this without it coming from her camp unless it was through Lynne and not Britney.
  6. I still believe that she wanted to do this residency but not on meds. Why would the paralegal lie about this? What would they gain?
  7. I just want Jamie and Lou to know that they should never underestimate the Army's power.
  8. I still can't believe that our efforts helped create this court hearing. Jamie and Lou must have been shaking when the judge ordered them to come today.
  9. These magazines are going to look stupid when Britney becomes free and tells the truth.
  10. You're not a fan if you believe someone who was able to release 6 #1 albums and still be in the music business for more than 20 years is incompetent to lead her own life. whether or not if there's something going on behind scenes she deserves the right to be free. edit: lol I read your post wrong.
  11. Did jordan remove the spoiler option because Jamie wants to read everything we type?
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