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  1. Stream it and tell us what your fav Non single track is!!! It’s worth listening to just for her voice on that album aloneeeee
  2. Omg I’ve never seen or read this article. Thank you! Ugh my heart breaks for her every day. I hope she’s happy and hopefully able to gain more freedoms again soon, even if it’s just her regaining control of her personal and professional life and decisions.
  3. She looks so fresh and so naturally beautiful ugh I love her. This made my day
  4. Signed it. Honestly it makes sense she’s a National treasure and deserves it
  5. Signed it. Honestly it makes sense she’s a National treasure and deserves it
  6. Hey All, Most Requested Live is a GREAT way for us to give MR exposure across radio stations nationwide. Help us soon starting at 4 PM PT to request Mood Ring so it can get played during MRL. If it gets played, all radio stations owned by IHeart will play the track simultaneously across the US! Here’s how:
  7. Anyone need a copy of Mood Ring or the newest version of glory with MR included? Willing to gift it to a couple of you to help her stabilize quote or DM me
  8. Yeah there are two separate versions! Explicit is the one we see at #1, the clean version is also available to purchase! Got em both
  9. This is a great Spotify playlist I found! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5947h39OocAkgUEF3RniO9?si=B8fywptpQIaLNnxynjVJWg
  10. The track had 371,000 streams yesterday on Spotify. 600,000+ total I believe. Let’s stream the **** out of it today!!! I’ll have my playlist on repeat
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