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  1. Ok thanks I change the title It sound to me almost as a soundboard it’s such a clear version.
  2. Hey guys, didn’t know if you guys know that the circus tour leaked full in HD sound https://m.mixcloud.com/JayCircus/the-circus-starring-britney-spears-tour-antwerp-belgium-2009-2nd-bootleg-full-version/
  3. Yes today is Britney Spears in Germany and yes there is a catwalk ? https://nl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2hmeyxc&s=9#.W3EtJigzZPY We can enter the arena around 5:30 PM thats 8 hours and 30 minutes left !!!!
  4. Yes it will heave a catwalk it is official confiremd by Sparkassenpark itself the venue where the concert is. Check the link bellow ! https://nl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2hmeyxc&s=9#.W3EtJigzZPY
  5. It will rain until 5PM so no rain during the show checked a couple of sites.
  6. I asked sparkassenpark itself and said we will have the same stage as Berlin !
  7. Why so early Front of stage means you have a good view on the stage anyway. Because it is separate from the innenraum stehplatz. I will be there at 5 PM i have front of stage tickets as well
  8. Does annybody know when we can enter the arena or on what time the concert starts ?
  9. Can somebody tell me if they sell tourbook as a merchandise this tour ?
  10. This Tour is such a mess how can you not start a Tour with the full stage i just can’t
  11. I see here a video in Mönchengladbach a stage with catwalk ! Do you Guys think we get the full asia stage ?
  12. Only Mönchengladbach is open air but even other concerts there had a catwalk. this is Mönchengladbach
  13. I hope they bring the full stage to Europe people expecting a lot here in europe after 7 year including the catwalk
  14. WTF hapend to her stage !! This looks cheaper then her Asia Tour. I hope she Will bring the full stage and catwalk to europe. This is such a mess!
  15. Going to see her the 3rd time in 13.08. Mönchengladbach and this time front of stage
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