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  1. I was literally telling my family this today, she should do a interview and talk about everything in depth. No bs answers, let the world know from her mouth! Not on mtv or E on a actual news channel. Then she should just go and live her life somewhere on a farm with her kids and just be happy. I don’t care if we never get anything from Britney again, I just want her to be happy and be the mom she always wanted to be
  2. Or even her instagram dms followed by a little “check your dms sis” since we all know she likes to like her comments or even Jamie Lynn? But at this point idk if I want to side with Jamie Lynn just yet...
  3. Idk if it’s been discussed before but has anyone sent Britney’s mom the google doc we have on here? If she’s willing to help Britney maybe she can see it and go through it to help her and her lawyers see what we’ve uncovered and maybe things they haven’t looked into yet?
  4. God, this video I remember seeing it and my heart breaking for her. I remember coming home from school and hoping there wasn’t news she was gone still keep her in my prayers to this day even my family too as they saw what a huge impact she was on me. I hope one day she’s free and happy and with her kids filled with love and peace
  5. And I hope if they try to pin it on her that she fights against it and uses that as leverage. My only worry is that people will do drastic things when they know their life is coming to a end/getting caught. I constantly pray that her team does not lay a finger on her and that when she is out of this that she fires every single one of her handlers.
  6. Clearly there is something suspicious going on behind the scenes but what!? Are they protecting her against something..are they laundering money? Will Britney take the fall for it? Laundering is a HUGE federal offense and isn’t taken lightly...
  7. The same people who payed $100+ For the greatest hits album that team B put out years ago..
  8. Meet and greets are trash to me after seeing what Taylor does for her fans where they randomly pick a handful of people from the crowd to meet her regardless if they’re a diehard fan or not. That’s how it should be done, why charge your own fans to meet you for .2 seconds? And if you’re going to charge then only have a limited number of meet and greets for each night...
  9. I just watched a YouTube video and the comments were horrible I agree that people have always criticized her except this time they are right :/ she puts no effort into anything anymore and it makes me upset that we have everyone praising beyonce when britney should be up there with her :/
  10. I think she’s at a place mentally where she’s worked on herself. I mean just look at her Instagram, we’ve seen her do things she’s never done in public before. Pop music isn’t doing too good rn without features which is weird. In a way Diplo was right. I’d love to see a new side of britney, maybe some acoustic stuff and do things like she said in her post where she was singing on insta. I think she has the mentality with her career as in her prime that she doesn’t have a say so in a lot or maybe just doesn’t ask anymore. But you have new comers who seem to have control over a lot. Look at camila, shawn, the 1D boys now that they’re solo. I’d love to see her go the beyonce route and have 100 percent control of everything.
  11. i’ve always thought this!! like madonna transferred herself into britney and britney is stuck in madonnas body or like some energy from britney and this is how madonna keeps up with herself. ofc i don’t believe it but it’s fun to think about lol
  12. this is cute!! i’m glad you liked her discography. she really is a legend lol
  13. i wish celebs would step up their merch game even some youtubers have more creative ideas than this stuff...
  14. business wise the album was a good career move. they gave her radio hits which is what she needed to get back on track but when you have someone who needed to recover from things that we aren’t necessarily sure of it wasn’t a good personal move. i always think she really did circus and ff to get her kids back and to show on the outside everything was better
  15. i miss pop videos like this what a cute chicken nugget
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