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  1. Well then why tf did she try to get invoved t start with if there wa a chance it would backfire? I am so angry and upset with all them bringing it to the spotlight, having their 15 minutes of media attention and social media glory and then chickening out. It just makes me feel like they are using her too. Sorry guys I just had to vent it out #whydonttheydosomething
  2. Ahhhh amazing! 2013 was a gret year indeed she was serving looks
  3. I'm gonna be a flop fan nd not know when you avatar pic was taken I took mine when she was leaving the set for Alan Carr filming on 2013. Earlier that day I got her autograph, best day of my life when was yours taken??
  4. Even my bf who is a Beyonce stan has finally started listening to me after literally years of chewing his ear off about the conservatorship his sister and friends are also sharing that Facebook post, I won't be silenced again
  5. I was gonna reply to this thread saying yeahhh it's not that bad, and then I thought tbf I play Britney way more. And then I saw this comment
  6. I can't even imagine someone not liking My Baby tiny haaaaands yes that's youuu *sobbing*
  7. I think it's her only "intro" song as no other of her albums has an introduction to the album. I agree it works perfectly, magically, and it's pop perfection. I find it so relaxing and just awesome
  8. The fact that she is being chased by paps gives me hope and makes me think someone else is watching out for the free britney movement otherwise why would anyone bother following her
  9. Mine is Mood Ring, up and down emotions all these mood swings.. ending up in an argument with my bf
  10. I'm sorry to break it to you but Britney'Spears is stil relevant and making headlines with no music releases in 5 years but with 50 seconds walk along videos in her social media account when will Timfatland
  11. When will your faves will get the attention of the younger generation after 21 years of career, being the last 2 of them a hiatus and nearly 5 years without releasing new music
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