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  1. When I listened to it for the first time in August 2016 I was like: 'OK, what's this sudden and fantastic trip to Heaven? This is going to be my anthem for like the next 50 years'. I was not wrong. One of her best ever
  2. You could actually post new content on Instagram using your PC, though. However, I'm sure that that is not the case of Britney
  3. To be honest, these choreographies are not great, they can easily get boring. In order to make them look good, you have to be into the choreography very much, feeling it, exactly as these dancers did in these videos. I can't imagine the same kind of energy from Britney though ...
  4. You're right, I may sound negative. However, what I notice is that, while most of the fans claim she doesn't have access to anything, they change their minds depending on the single post (like in this case) stating that she's sending 'subtle' messages that her team is not able to understand. It does not make ANY sense. It completely lacks coherence, and it hence questions a lot of what is claimed. There is no doubt that she doesn't have freedom, and that her situation is shady; nonetheless, there's A LOT we don't and won't know. What I see now it's just a big marketing strategy, and it's definitely working I see. Instead of using a funny gif of Mariah Carey, please, explain what I'm missing out.
  5. This. They probably love the attention the name "Britney Spears" is getting again. Oh, no, sorry, I forgot, she can't speak up for herself, she's super controlled, but she can send super secrets messages (e.g. like HELP) on "her" account that reaches more than 25 million of people. Only true, heroic and loyal fans will be able to understand these messages, her team is too dumb.
  6. You're right, Sam would have fallen in love with her even if she wasn't Britney Spears the millionaire singer
  7. Yeah, possibly the movement contributed. However, when someone talks about Britney Spears, I only hear about the 'weirdness' of her posts, here in Italy too (which always snubbed her), not about the movement. It's kind of like when she shaved her head in 2007, or VMA 2007. People like 'weird' things, nobody really cared when they tried to make her look 'normal' in the last years. Hence, I would say it's because of the weird and 'mysterious' content they are sharing on her page. Smart choice that of playing the 'Britney is crazy again' card, team B, you made it, people really think there are super secret and important messages behind the weirdness. It's also fun you're glad that the official page of Britney Spears the Brand is getting followers, it sounds like a contradiction.
  8. "Britney Spears" is a celebrity. Her brand has millions of followers on Instagram. The account you are referring to is the account of Britney Spears the brand, not Britney the person. It's not like they wickedly hide what they post from her, her consensus might still be important (possibly). However, I think it's childish imagining these stars use social networks as we do. From Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande, from Justin Bieber to Shawn Mendes, these celebrities do not run their business accounts by themselves, and that has nothing to do with the conservatorship: they are brands, and they thus influence millions of people. The posts on their accounts are not casual.
  9. I know you did not specify you believe she wrote the caption to that Big Eyes post, but I assume you do since you are trying to analyse that movie. If I'm wrong, sorry in advance, but: why are you so sure she wrote the caption? What is your evidence? Why do you suppose she actually watched that movie? And, most importantly, why it seems that when there is a "secret message" to investigate (like in this case) she magically has control of her account, while when there is a caption which does not fit with the narrative of "Britney is trying to say something" Lou and others are attacked and Britney cannot access the Internet at all?
  10. So today most of you assume is Britney herself who actually wrote the caption? Coherence
  11. How could someone really think that all her recent pictures or videos were taken in 2017 - 2018?
  12. Unpopular opinions: 1 This performance should not exist, I do not put up with those fans who call it 'iconic!'. 2 Her team knew from the beginning that it would have been a disaster, but they still made her perform because they knew the world would have talked about it, exactly like everyone talked about she shaving her head. At that point, they knew she was not the pop princess anymore; the best way to profit was let everyone talking about her 'craziness' (not that is much different now ...)
  13. I laugh every time someone claims that Britney was cloned or that there is someone else who is impersonating her. No offense, but do you really think that her team, which is all about money, would have chosen someone who did not know how to dance? Also, as far as her social media, it's obvious that she has no control, but that applies to all of the celebrities of her caliber, it's childish imagining that Ariana Grande or others decides what to post by themselves.
  14. No sweetie, if her mic was on, she would have spread the truth about her condition. Britney always wanted to sing live for us, it's only her team's fault if she didn't
  15. Wow, I never saw that before, thank you so much for sharing it. She sounds so good here. I think it's the first time I hear her 'baby voice' without the autotune or cracks. She sounds exactly like in the final version.
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