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  1. Ive said it many times and i have to say it again, i LOVE the way Britney dance when she puts just a little effort in to it... she has a certain flow and effortless in her movements that i always loved and she looks so sexy doing it.

    I love the way she dances way more the her actual dancers, they are to much for me... i know dancers should exaggerate the moves but i never liked it, i think it looks just weird...  


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  2. HERE.... i LOVE the pictures and i think she looks like herself and she is sexy as hell. Photoshop is used everywhere and dont bother me that much, there was only one bad picture of that outcome the rest is amazing, and she dont look that different from the video we got either. 

    Yes she done her lips and i wish she didnt because she dont need it, BUT its her choice and she is still the most beautiful woman in the world to me. :sendinglove:

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Alice X said:

    You shouldn't be impressed. People always bash her, but the lame comparisons are all they can do now, because she's FIT, working with a famous fashion company and slaying in all videos, photos :queenflopga: Let them be :snarky:

    IKR? the videos and photos are not even that different and why do some people all of a sudden act like they dont photoshop and fix fashion shoots etc and like it a bad thing? its been done for ages? :cackling:

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  4. 8 hours ago, ashleyBritboy said:

    I actually feel bad for people who have to stay in Vogue and follow fashion from the Kardashian’s. What ever happened to just being yourself? Are people really that sad they have to mimic Celebs? 

    Did you hear that Kylie Jenner having a baby made a lot of millenials want to have a baby? I just have no hope left for humanity tbh:mattafact:

    IA... i will never understand this. Wear what you want and be yourself and be happy. I mean the whole world have no taste, are clueless and wear things that are "out" if you are gonna see it that way.... its not like my life gets any worse  just because other people wear things i dont like :sofedup: :cackling:

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  5. 9 hours ago, ElectriqueBrit said:

    We've been over the fact that I'm 30 too.  You just got old and I didn't.  Congrats to your boring, crazy, clueless existence.

    The fact that i only dissagreed with you and said that people have different styles and should be accepted for it and you came after how i look, that says alot about you as a person.... i wonder who has a boring, crazy, clueless exixtence:tiffcackle: 

    At least i have the balls to have a picture of myself....  :hibebe:

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  6. 18 hours ago, ElectriqueBrit said:

    Remember growing up those women who did their hair, and makeup and dressed like they did in their twenties, 20 years earlier?  Britney has become one of those women.  It's so embarrassing.  I love her soooooooooooooo much but she's such a clueless mess.  Bleached blonde hair and play boy bunny tans are not in anymore.  Neither is the raccoon smokey eyeshadow.  She looks like terrible because she insists on doing what she did when she was 20.  Hoe-ass little dresses too.  God.  I can't stand how she looks as vain as that sounds.


    This i dont understand.... who cares? if you as a person like that style, you dont care what others think... you wear the clothes you like, the makeup you like and if you want blonde, brunette or black hair you have it. I would NEVER go after what someone else thought or whats "in" or "out" and i have it the way i like it...  i change my style all the time because i want to... you may not like that kind of style, well thats your opinion.... i will never like the "kardashians" style.. and guess what? i would never dress like that, simple. 

    People have different styles(thank god) and it does not make you embarrassing in any way. :ineedthetruth:

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  7. I have no idea.... i have all her CDs x 2 or 3, including the greatest hits ones, B in the mix and so on , i have  the singles collection, almost all DVDs,  i have multiple thirts, 2 sets of bedclothing, 4 dolls in boxes, 4 without boxes, like 13 perfumes, a bag, books, keychains, etc.... :jamout:

    The only thing i do know is that i spent around $300 on concert tickets... only seen TCSBS, FFT and seeing POM this year. :crying4:

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  8. Ive seen him once at a town festival where i live and it was fun, i mean he has some great party songs and his earlier songs back in the day is good and its a pretty great way to get the people pumped up before Britney comes on.

    But who really cares about the opening act tho? I mean i watch them only because i kind of have to, lol... but its not the end of the world if you miss them either :awks:

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