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  1. Her body looks way better now with those short boots then when she started
  2. If she does Stronger type and Crazy dance with chair then it's ok
  3. Because of the break they are not adding it, it haves to be a complex choreography and not a chair
  4. She will change a lot, remember she changed in the middle of the residency a lot, I hope she adds songs she performed earlier and a lot of new stuff
  5. I wonder if she edits this videos.... Straight hairney all the way
  6. Only if they put Glory rejected songs on the album
  7. It haves to be catchy, if it's a hit I don't mind...
  8. In BJ era she looked weird for me and least fav, the best she looked was in Circus for me
  9. I actually like the first one better because at least she did more choreo, but the floor part is awful to watch...
  10. I need ultra HD like iheart, but yeah this is the best so far
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