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  1. Body language by Heidi montag feat spencer Pratt - naturally, he ruins the song. That’s the first one that came to mind. I also think Kendrick Lamar was unnecessary in bad blood by tay swift. But I love Kendrick so I mean no disrespect.
  2. definitely not her best lead single /seems more like an album track. but it's following the trends of laid back, chill trap pop or whatever. I agree with what someone said above about it sounding like a song from biebers album and I thought that album was so NOT a hit. I feel like she can pull off this sound better than he can.....the public wants pop Bieber but ariana can do what she wants I can't get over how pretty she is. I don't think there's been a universally pretty pop girl since Britney's prime. Like, obviously all pop stars are good looking but at the end of the day, beauty is subjective. but Ariana is like the mo' gorgeous.
  3. totally - I never count Christmas albums. Jojo is releasing a Christmas album this year though - I'm excited thanks for the clarification!
  4. the only Metallica song I know is Fuel and thats only because Avril Lavigne covered it
  5. I’m glad she’s had time off - although it’s a shame it’s been so much family & legal stress/drama.
  6. even if she is a friend of sams, I doubt sam would break any NDA's to gossip about his famous gf with her so she can just go on a podcast and discuss it to the world LOL great friend...im sure Britney is thrilled... Anyways hopefully it is just about the music video and the makeup she did and how nice Britney is and maybe if she noticed any chemistry between her + sam / their initial meet. and nothing about the present or #freebritney. stick to the fluff piece that she is. she aint no authority.
  7. I disagree. Britney didn't grow up with social media, she's almost 40 years old and has 2 adolescent sons. To me, it really does reflect a moms Instagram. the double selfies with different filters, the google images she thinks are powerful / sweet....it's just her playing around with the app. and honestly, Britney's situation ISN'T normal whatsoever so why would her Instagram be. If she really is holed up in her house bored and has to deliver regular content as part of some contract, why wouldn't she just do fashion shows and dancing in her house. yes, maybe her answering the fan questions was a tad awkward but maybe its cause she doesn't wanna do it so she does a ****ty job on purpose to stick it to her team.
  8. part of me does agree she posts on her own Instagram. I'm sure she can't just upload anything - she prob has a "gag order" where she can't discuss the conservatorship directly or anything like that and has a social media manager who has final approval. However, I do sense her personality. I sense troll-ney. I sense sarcasm. I also believe she is very spiritual and into things like the essence of colours, of feeling free, of appreciating the little things and liking simple things like fairies etc. A big reason I think its her is that I can't see anyone else thinking those double posts and captions make sense LOL like...who would write those? the way its typed, the emoticons etc etc are just too real / not professionally written to not be her. a social media manager wouldn't do a lot of those things. so how can people believe its someone else doing it? its just too random I totally agree with you. I believe she is playing a game, and trolling her team with some of the posts. but the mystery continues .....
  9. I like it. it's a direct and beautiful ballad. I hope she promotes it, live performances etc.
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