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  1. This whole fiasco was such a mess. I remember watching the premiere of the randee video with my husband being like "uhhh.....this isn't right...." "there was promo of the video and it has nothing to do with this video" and then "omg exhale is probably having a meltdown right now" Immediately After I watched the video I went straight to breatheheavy and the site was down. LOL I was like oh my gawwwdddd
  2. The belated-ness, the emoji response from JL, and the photo choice makes me think this wasn’t Britney. Part of me wonders if there is tension between them. How can there not be? She’s in a legal battle with her father and the dynamics with her mom, brother, sister are all affected by that as well. It’s naive to believe the post was 100% genuine IMO. But I’m a Britney agnostic...I accept that I don’t know what is true. I can’t wait till she is free and can discuss how (and if) she used her Instagram during this time and if she knew how iconic it was.
  3. Oh my ******* god. no one cares about her leaked unedited photo - which I never even heard about it before now that she’s calling all this attention to it? This is so pathetic. it’s unreal. we are in the middle of a global pandemic, racial tensions, economic crisis, housing crisis, mental health crisis, climate change and she’s on her soap box about her own ******* naked form. The vanity is beyond disgusting. Can these narcissists please drown in their own reflection already?
  4. I got cardi. I like her better. I feel like shes just more lighthearted and fun personality-wise while Nicki takes herself way too seriously. I appreciate a lot of her songs tho....maybe even more than cardi’s since she’s had more. She has a nice singing voice too. I don’t like the stuff w her bro or her bf being creeps but just speaking music she’s had QUITE the bops.
  5. the lyrics my GOD "I thought I was the man. but deep down inside I felt deprived just like an empty can" OOOOOFFFFFF
  6. I understand what you mean. My first thought was damn he’s 50. Drugs are always a roll of the dice, but especially at that age. Our bodies just can’t handle the type of abuse it used to when we are young! Hence all the memes about hangovers after 30. hopefully he recovers and comes to realize it’s not worth the risk.
  7. I'm sure a big part of the reason she got so much money IS that she just turned 18. the phrase "barely legal" is a thing for a reason......people are gross and want to see underage women. also she has a lot of tattoos for an 18 year old!!! I feel bad for her in many ways, but good for her for making that coin....hope she saves a lot of it! lol "just turned 30" doesn't have the same cache in the **** industry
  8. if he wants to see what is damaging the Britney brand, he can look in the ******* mirror. In the last 5 years, Britney hasn't ******* worked. Britney Jean was a dumpster fire of an album. It was poorly reviewed, dated production with a controversy on if she even sings on it, and ONE out of only TWO music videos was a scrapped concept. Glory was a fresh, current album and yet it had a botched video, a botched album cover, and two ******* singles. (No disrespect to Glory, I;m just saying the rollout wasn't some mastery of skill) They're releasing dated-*** songs from like, 5 years ago as new (matches and swimming in the stars) which are tarnishing her reputation as an innovator in pop music. And they're doing it while she's made it clear she is refusing to work. #freebritney had nothing to do with that ****. So again, Jamie can look in the mirror if he wants to see whats ruining her brand.
  9. I thought this was already a thing???? seems like they just announced it as a victory so the press / the public would think it was resolved as a victory for Britney and back off the movement before quietly coming out and saying nah actually not. I'm so angry!!!!!!!!!!
  10. There has always been and will always be skinny celebs. We had Mel c and Taylor swift admit to struggling w eating disorders in the public eye. It’s a systemic issue - not something that should be blamed on any one individual. Ariana grande may be feeling the same pressure due to the media etc. I don’t think blaming her and shaming her is right. She’s not promoting a specific diet or telling her fans to lose weight or whatever. if she’s naturally that thin, than that’s her body type and there’s no need to be put her down. If she’s starving herself, mean comments won’t inspire her to get well.
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