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  1. Bit of a curveball here. I used to go to 'raves' a lot and at the after parties I would always put this song on and it would keep the party moving and everyone would absolutely love it.
  2. random observer here........I think having people like you in those fields is so important; someone non pretentious and fresh who can bring a new perspective to a discussion that isn't focused on what others think. People can be so contrived. If anything, I am sure those other people were jealous of your authenticity and fearlessness to just voice your true opinion. I would've wanted to sit next to you in those classes!
  3. When 'boyfriend' came out I thought he was the hottest thing since the sun first rose..... But now he's just a little too cracked out and gross.
  4. Mandy Moore's Silver landings album deserves to be on that list. Also LOL at Justin Bieber not making the list.
  5. This album came out the year I got out of a very toxic longterm relationship. I loved the vibe of this song and it def made me feel free and uplifted. I just noticed they took the original Enya sample out but it's still good.
  6. to be honest, it is nothing like KTSE. It is basically a lot of mainstream sounding r&b slow jams which is fine but it just didn't have the same experimental / creativity that KTSE had. Issues, Gonna Love Me, WTP.....there is none of that on the album. I was def a little sad about it.
  7. this is not 'I can't get no satisfaction' it's 'try a little tenderness' ....... EDIT: okay I just watched the whole thing. I almost died for a second.
  8. people need to ease up with the critiques of these videos. not everyone has a social media manager / is constantly thinking how to market themselves or their brand. She isn't 16 years old - she is 38 and real and showcasing her genuine personality. not a carefully curated and contrived one. she's just having fun and being her quirky, charming self.
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