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  1. the domination artwork still slays though! It's Hot
  2. I feel bad for brit. She looked pissed Larrys in trouble tonight hahahaha
  3. just goes to show, its them exploiting her all over! God, I can't wait till Britney is free from him! Absolute cum bubble
  4. It's not britney doesnt have passion anymore, I dont think shes happy under RCA. I mean she doesnt even get to a sign a vinyl now without being pushed away lmao! And yeah the face is similar! i love the artwork though!
  5. 5.02 to see just how her team treats her
  6. She actually looked so chuffed and happy to see a vinyl...then her mess of a team had to disappoint her by refusing her to sign it. She looks as if she made a hand signal to him to ask if he wants it signed and got pushed to continue walking... What a mess.
  7. OMG I just re-watched it and whoever said about her wanting to sign the guys Vinyl was right. The bodyguards pushed her slightly away from signing it... wtf! Her team is a f**king joke!
  8. can i also point out when she came up from the stage she looked as if she was about to dance... She must have thought she was at POM
  9. I'll be 38 Yeah am cool with that tbh! Still, even if Im 50 id cry when britney leaves
  10. SAME! Seen her lip the "You better work bitch". Bitch doesn't even know when shes not performing - or at least not meant too
  11. You're right. She's subjected to 3 more albums before she can retire which could lead to this residency being 2 years + 3 years extended depended on earnings like POM was. In them 5 years she could easily release 2 and then release her final before leaving. She only signed this deal for "Creative control" apparently
  12. https://variety.com/2014/music/news/britney-spears-interview-las-vegas-residency-1201293159/ signed in 2014 for "More creative controlfor 4 more more albums". Glory was the first to be released from that deal. She actually has 3 more left we can breathe...for now. She ain't going anywhere for the next 10 years just yet