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  1. good for Jamie Lynn, but has anyone spoke to BRITNEY about HER situation? i'm TIRED of hearing from everyone BUT Britney. The only thing we've heard from Britney is that she no longer wants her father in control of her person or estate... SO?
  2. does anyone know how old his girlfriend is? going through her IG and it looks like she graduated HS (Maybe could be college) in 2015... I...???
  3. I need someone to make a 'How I Roll' remix with those cute *** bum bum bum ba da be da dum dum's, or are the stems anywhere?
  4. DELUSIONAL BUT... What if since fans got it to 4 and 1 on itunes charts they decide to release a re-release with 1-2 new tracks from the glory sessions or even the new stuff she was working on prior to everything going to ****?!
  5. Glory was actually really well done. I wonder if there are any tracks floating around. I’d kill for any leak
  6. So we know that Britney was in the studio working on B10. But what did we know about it? Which producers were rumored, or what producers mentioned actually working with her? What sound was she going for? Did any insiders hear anything/know anything?
  7. is there a version that doesnt cut off for a second at the end then resumes?
  8. Any idea what app she uses to make her videos? with the white backgrounds and such? https://www.instagram.com/p/BzET6Msg8hg/?igshid=15pl6q5vuaw7w
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